Debbie Smith

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Marketing Manager

Local, in-season food makes everyone happy.

27th February 2015

Food. It’s my favourite subject. In fact, the Greener desk at SG Marketing would talk about food all day if pesky work didn’t get in the way. So imagine my delight to be charged with delivering our latest Greener Food campaign – promoting the merits of buying locally sourced seasonal grub. A legitimate reason to…

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Remember me and save 5p

26th September 2014

Bag lady Debbie Smith trumpets about SG marketing’s latest campaign. Welcome back Ernie, we hadn’t forgotten you! This week we launched a campaign to inform the public that from October 20, 2014 all retailers in Scotland will charge a mandatory fee of at least 5p for each new paper or plastic carrier bag used  when…

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What’s your dirty little secret?

5th August 2014

She’s been at it in the back row of the cinema. He should keep it in his trousers. The ‘dirty little secret’ we’re talking about is littering. What else?! We launched a new marketing campaign recently which uses a tongue-in-cheek, humorous approach to highlight the embarrassment factor of being caught littering by someone you know…

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