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11th September 2015

My knowledge of organ donation stretches as far as Homer’s hair transplant on the Simpsons (apparently a transplant I am sorely in need of). Unfortunately my similarities with Homer don’t stop there, though unlike him I do draw the line at running out on my father mid kidney transplant. Why am I babbling on about…

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Just because you have a smartphone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re internet-smart

23rd April 2015

Pauline Platt – Marketing – Smarter One day a mum notices her young son logging onto his favourite website and typing in a very long password. She asks him what his password is to take so long to type? “MickeyMinnieGoofyPlutoDonaldDaffy”, he says. “Why that?” she asks. “Because it says your password should be at least…

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3 frameworks, 2 turntables and a microphone!

27th March 2015

Manage the blog they said, write a blog they said, so here goes. I joined the Scottish Government marketing team a year ago. It’s fast-paced and the marketers are a sophisticated bunch who know their chai tea lattes from their macchiatos; they like an acronym or two with a sprinkling of jargon, but I’m starting…

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Welcome to the Scottish Government… Westie

21st October 2014

On my walk to work on my first day as part of the SG Marketing team, the suit jacket was off, shirt sleeves rolled up and I was enjoying the warm morning sun. Was this a good omen for the new job? 63 minutes after starting my role, summer thoughts were quickly replaced with snow,…

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International Marketing and PR need you!

3rd September 2014

Are you passionate about PR? Are you enthusiastic about overseas engagement? Do you have at least five years’ experience in a communications, marketing or PR role? We’ve lost a member of our team to the bright lights of Aberdeen, so we’re looking to replace a temporary PR and International Brand manager. It would be a…

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‘What do you say?’ PlayTalkRead #saythanks

29th July 2014

On hearing the question ‘What do you say?’, most of us will automatically say ‘thank you’. Even if it’s on receipt of a terrible festive jumper from Auntie Margaret. That’s because our parents will have instilled in us as children the importance of saying thanks. Afterall, one of the best compliments a parent can have…

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Summer Drink Drive Road Safety Campaign

8th June 2014

We recently launched the Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland’s Summer Drink Drive social marketing campaign. The campaign supports Police Scotland’s enforcement campaign, reminding motorists of the tough legal and personal consequences of drink driving this summer. With barbecues, weddings, summer parties and rounds of golf all in full swing over the summer months, the…

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If it’s not far leave the car!

6th June 2014

Dan Gilmore – Strategic Marketing Manager – Greener @happygilmore70 Active Travel is a subject close to my heart. I cycle when and where I can, including the daily commute. So when the opportunity came along to work on this campaign I grabbed it with both handlebars. The campaign aims to get people to be less reliant…

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