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Sepsis campaign – what did it achieve?

12th September 2018

    During February 2018, working in collaboration with F.E.A.T. and Finding Your Feat, we delivered a campaign to increase awareness of sepsis. The detail and background to the campaign was explained by my colleague Dawn Ferguson in her blog post on 19 March After campaign activity was complete an evaluation on the impact was undertaken…

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The Efficient Spokesperson

27th September 2016

Doug the Draft Excluder recently celebrated his 3rd birthday as the spokesinsect for Home Energy Scotland (HES).

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Can I have you for a moment?

1st July 2016

Attend most presentations about social media or content marketing and many speakers will cover the importance of capturing the moment and being agile in your approach to marketing. At an event last week all the examples quoted to demonstrate this thinking looked at a product or service. Behaviour change examples were missing and it was…

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Being in the right time at the right place

13th November 2015

There is a lot to be said for being in the right place at the right time. Harrison Ford was only invited to the Star War auditions to make up numbers as Han #5 and proceeded to blast away the competition. John Hewitt was nearly not in the right place at the right time to…

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Does your home need a hug from Doug?

30th September 2015

It seems that I have been unofficially tagged as the animal person within the Scottish Government marketing team. First, I was asked to work with our Ready for Winter dog Westie. Now I am also the person looking after Doug the caterpillar for Home Energy Scotland (I know that he is a draught excluder rather…

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It’s not simple, it’s stupidly simple

15th June 2015

What do you get if you cross an award winning stand-up comedian, the Director of Still Game, creative talent from an advertising agency, a plethora of experts and climate change? Unfortunately, it is not an amusing punch line to kick off this blog post. The answer is stupidly simple. It is Stupidly Simple. But what…

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Back to a Greener Present

11th May 2015

When handed the outline of a project which required a spot of time travel I immediately had visions of a Delorean rolling up to St Andrews House to take me to the future. After all, 2015 was the year that Doc, Marty and Jennifer were heading to at the end of Back to the Future….

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