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Dream a little dream of…unicorns?

28th February 2017

What did you dream of being when you grew up? What did you imagine the world would be like?     The eight-year-old animal-loving me wanted to be a vet until I realised that there wasn’t really a farm that all poorly animals went to for a holiday. Then, I set my heart on being…

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The second best Games of 2016

26th August 2016

It’s without question that the Olympics in Rio have delivered some impressive, record-breaking feats of agility, determination, stamina and skill over the space of two action-packed weeks. And, not forgetting an impressive 67 medals for Team GB! Inspired by the 2016 Games, on Thursday 18th August, twelve teams of brave people from Scottish Government Marketing,…

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Balancing your budget to stay out of debt

3rd February 2016

As someone who can’t resist a Christmas bargain, and often fibs to her husband that her new party frock only cost £5, it was timely that I was asked to support Comms colleagues at Accountant in Bankruptcy with their latest Scotland’s Financial Health Service campaign. I’m delighted to introduce a guest blog from Suzan Gunn…

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I spy with my little eye…

6th January 2016

…lots and lots more families playing, talking and reading. January is a time when we all like to reflect on the year gone by, make resolutions and regret the number of mince pies we scoffed at Christmas. January is also a time when at SG Marketing we look back on the year’s campaigns and plan…

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Fringe Benefits

31st August 2015

Living in Scotland, you can never rely on the weather to be good in August. But, what August does guarantee, is that the city becomes home to the largest arts extravaganza in the world, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With more 3,000 events, there’s a sometimes bewildering choice of shows: dance, music, circus acts, drama and…

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Back to school: my first year in Scottish Government Marketing

13th March 2015

When I was little I loved the trip into town with my mum to kit me out for a new school term. I can’t say I enjoyed the visit to Clarks for my regulation brown lace ups, but an hour or two spent choosing a new bag and pencil case was always time I relished….

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The greatest gift of all. A slanket? Really? Socks? You shouldn’t have!

22nd December 2014

One of my favourite things at Christmas is settling down to watch ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. I love a good old cry when George’s family and friends help him save Bedford Falls Savings and Loan, giving him the perfect Christmas present. In contrast, without sounding ungrateful, my granny was legendary for giving the best worst…

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What if Burton hadn’t met Taylor, and Ben hadn’t met Jerry?

5th December 2014

Last Thursday evening I attended my first official engagement for the Scottish Government, the Marketing Society’s St Andrew’s Day Dinner. As well as discovering that we share our patron saint with Barbados, Ukraine, Greece and Cyprus (a fact that helped our team win the Quiz of the Year), I also got to thinking about the…

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Halloween horror story – A spooky tale of monsters, ghosts and a terrifying journey through the night*

29th October 2014

From the moment she entered the room Nicola could sense an unearthly presence that chilled her to the bone. Ghosts of the past inhabited the space, and she knew that no good could come of this night. In the distance a wolf howled, and the velvet drapes swayed eerily, although outside the night was perfectly…

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What’s on your desk? SG marketing plan for future campaigns (and pencil shortage)

24th September 2014

This week I asked my Marketing colleagues ‘what’s on your desk?’. Apart from banana peels (Gwen), Blackberry chargers (almost everyone) and, in my case, a generous supply of pencils (HB, integral eraser), Marketing have a number of campaigns in development. Greener are urging Scotland to do more to make our country a cleaner, greener place…

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