• Teaching Makes People

    8th March 2017 by

    One day when I was 17, my history teacher wheeled in a TV and a VCR* and put on a tape of Blackadder II. While my classmates and I were thrilled to spend a lesson watching comedy instead of doing actual work, we were also bemused. Why play us a TV show rather than discuss...

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  • Dream a little dream of…unicorns?

    28th February 2017 by

    What did you dream of being when you grew up? What did you imagine the world would be like?     The eight-year-old animal-loving me wanted to be a vet until I realised that there wasn’t really a farm that all poorly animals went to for a holiday. Then, I set my heart on being...

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  • Don’t be like Don

    5th December 2016 by

    [Image by AMC] For anyone acquainted with the iconic series Mad Men, there’s much to admire in its anti-hero Don Draper. The suits, the self-belief, the style the swagger. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day in his (immaculate Italian leather) shoes? Admittedly, he also has a lot of characteristics we perhaps shouldn’t aspire to...

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  • #30daysofplay with PlayTalkRead

    18th November 2016 by

    Since joining the Scottish Government marketing team as the first ever in-house Social Media Manager last year, I have been focusing on using digital communications and social media to engage with our audiences. Based on robust research and strong planning insight we have developed an integrated approach to community engagement through digital comms. PlayTalkRead is...

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  • Let’s Get Online – changing lives through the internet

    1st September 2016 by

    Of all the people I missed when I first arrived in the UK, my grandmother was probably top of the list. For me, the thrill of being on the other side of the world and exploring new places was slightly tempered by homesickness for my family.

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  • I spy with my little eye…

    6th January 2016 by

    …lots and lots more families playing, talking and reading. January is a time when we all like to reflect on the year gone by, make resolutions and regret the number of mince pies we scoffed at Christmas. January is also a time when at SG Marketing we look back on the year’s campaigns and plan...

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  • Fringe Benefits

    31st August 2015 by

    Living in Scotland, you can never rely on the weather to be good in August. But, what August does guarantee, is that the city becomes home to the largest arts extravaganza in the world, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. With more 3,000 events, there’s a sometimes bewildering choice of shows: dance, music, circus acts, drama and...

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  • The greatest gift of all. A slanket? Really? Socks? You shouldn’t have!

    22nd December 2014 by

    One of my favourite things at Christmas is settling down to watch ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. I love a good old cry when George’s family and friends help him save Bedford Falls Savings and Loan, giving him the perfect Christmas present. In contrast, without sounding ungrateful, my granny was legendary for giving the best worst...

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  • Halloween horror story – A spooky tale of monsters, ghosts and a terrifying journey through the night*

    29th October 2014 by

    From the moment she entered the room Nicola could sense an unearthly presence that chilled her to the bone. Ghosts of the past inhabited the space, and she knew that no good could come of this night. In the distance a wolf howled, and the velvet drapes swayed eerily, although outside the night was perfectly...

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  • ‘What do you say?’ PlayTalkRead #saythanks

    29th July 2014 by

    On hearing the question ‘What do you say?’, most of us will automatically say ‘thank you’. Even if it’s on receipt of a terrible festive jumper from Auntie Margaret. That’s because our parents will have instilled in us as children the importance of saying thanks. Afterall, one of the best compliments a parent can have...

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