• The New Guy

    3rd February 2017 by

    Hey everyone, my name is Mike and I’m the newest member of the Marketing Team. As part of my induction I got asked if I could write a little blog about what the department is like from the new guy’s perspective. Given that one of the main parts of my new job is going to...

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  • The Efficient Spokesperson

    27th September 2016 by

    Doug the Draft Excluder recently celebrated his 3rd birthday as the spokesinsect for Home Energy Scotland (HES).

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  • Carefree life, car free day

    22nd September 2016 by

    We don’t NEED a car do we? Or do we? After leaving my last job, my wife and I were forced to examine our family budgets in an attempt to save some money. Upon realising that we wouldn’t save much on biscuits or bus fares, we decided to go big and to try out life...

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  • Do people think I’m weird?

    22nd February 2016 by

    Every now and then in marketing, a piece of consumer research comes back that shocks you. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw our study on attitudes and behaviour around climate change. On the whole people see green as extreme, hippy and weird. They certainly don’t want to be green. Really? I’m a bit...

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  • Beautiful green things

    2nd November 2015 by

    Kim Wallace – Senior Marketing Manager – @scotgovmarketing @greener2gethr @kimjah Most people love good design. When something is designed well, with the user in mind, it works. From angle poised lamps to the ipad, as a nation, we celebrate good design. From the practical to the beautiful, we surround ourselves with things that please us. And...

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  • It’s not simple, it’s stupidly simple

    15th June 2015 by

    What do you get if you cross an award winning stand-up comedian, the Director of Still Game, creative talent from an advertising agency, a plethora of experts and climate change? Unfortunately, it is not an amusing punch line to kick off this blog post. The answer is stupidly simple. It is Stupidly Simple. But what...

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  • Back to a Greener Present

    11th May 2015 by

    When handed the outline of a project which required a spot of time travel I immediately had visions of a Delorean rolling up to St Andrews House to take me to the future. After all, 2015 was the year that Doc, Marty and Jennifer were heading to at the end of Back to the Future....

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  • Local, in-season food makes everyone happy.

    27th February 2015 by

    Food. It’s my favourite subject. In fact, the Greener desk at SG Marketing would talk about food all day if pesky work didn’t get in the way. So imagine my delight to be charged with delivering our latest Greener Food campaign – promoting the merits of buying locally sourced seasonal grub. A legitimate reason to...

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  • Remember me and save 5p

    26th September 2014 by

    Bag lady Debbie Smith trumpets about SG marketing’s latest campaign. Welcome back Ernie, we hadn’t forgotten you! This week we launched a campaign to inform the public that from October 20, 2014 all retailers in Scotland will charge a mandatory fee of at least 5p for each new paper or plastic carrier bag used  when...

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  • What’s on your desk? SG marketing plan for future campaigns (and pencil shortage)

    24th September 2014 by

    This week I asked my Marketing colleagues ‘what’s on your desk?’. Apart from banana peels (Gwen), Blackberry chargers (almost everyone) and, in my case, a generous supply of pencils (HB, integral eraser), Marketing have a number of campaigns in development. Greener are urging Scotland to do more to make our country a cleaner, greener place...

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