• Leaving the Car!

    29th August 2014 by

    Inspired by the Active Travel campaign, I have set myself the personal challenge of reducing car use for four weeks in September to see what difference this will make to me personally and to my carbon footprint. Being brought up in a semi-rural area where public transport was inconvenient, owning and running a car has...

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  • What’s your dirty little secret?

    5th August 2014 by

    She’s been at it in the back row of the cinema. He should keep it in his trousers. The ‘dirty little secret’ we’re talking about is littering. What else?! We launched a new marketing campaign recently which uses a tongue-in-cheek, humorous approach to highlight the embarrassment factor of being caught littering by someone you know...

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  • A busy and successful year

    10th June 2014 by

    Last year was our busiest and most successful yet. We delivered over 20 campaigns covering subjects as diverse as organ donation, home energy and forced marriage, with outstanding results. It’s estimated our breast cancer campaign saved over 100 lives, our road safety campaigns prevented over 90 accidents and our active travel campaign took the equivalent...

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  • If it’s not far leave the car!

    6th June 2014 by

    Dan Gilmore – Strategic Marketing Manager – Greener @happygilmore70 Active Travel is a subject close to my heart. I cycle when and where I can, including the daily commute. So when the opportunity came along to work on this campaign I grabbed it with both handlebars. The campaign aims to get people to be less reliant...

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