• Sepsis campaign – what did it achieve?

    12th September 2018 by

        During February 2018, working in collaboration with F.E.A.T. and Finding Your Feat, we delivered a campaign to increase awareness of sepsis. The detail and background to the campaign was explained by my colleague Dawn Ferguson in her blog post on 19 March After campaign activity was complete an evaluation on the impact was undertaken...

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  • Sepsis

    19th March 2018 by

    When you hear the term sepsis, what do you think? Do you know what it is? More importantly, do you know how to recognise the symptoms? When I was asked to work on the sepsis campaign I had, rather embarrassingly, never heard of it. I had no idea who it affected, the severity of the...

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  • Don’t be like Don

    5th December 2016 by

    [Image by AMC] For anyone acquainted with the iconic series Mad Men, there’s much to admire in its anti-hero Don Draper. The suits, the self-belief, the style the swagger. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day in his (immaculate Italian leather) shoes? Admittedly, he also has a lot of characteristics we perhaps shouldn’t aspire to...

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  • Secondment Opportunity – Senior Corporate Communications Officer

    5th December 2016 by

    A secondment opportunity has arisen for a Senior Corporate Communications Officer, based in the Corporate Communications Team, Office of the Chief Executive, NHSScotland in the Scottish Government’s Health and Social Care Directorates. The post is based in St Andrew’s House, Regent Road, Edinburgh. The post holder will have responsibility for delivering aspects of corporate communications...

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  • Carefree life, car free day

    22nd September 2016 by

    We don’t NEED a car do we? Or do we? After leaving my last job, my wife and I were forced to examine our family budgets in an attempt to save some money. Upon realising that we wouldn’t save much on biscuits or bus fares, we decided to go big and to try out life...

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  • The second best Games of 2016

    26th August 2016 by

    It’s without question that the Olympics in Rio have delivered some impressive, record-breaking feats of agility, determination, stamina and skill over the space of two action-packed weeks. And, not forgetting an impressive 67 medals for Team GB! Inspired by the 2016 Games, on Thursday 18th August, twelve teams of brave people from Scottish Government Marketing,...

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  • We Need Everybody…and that includes you…

    5th July 2016 by

    The truth is, everyone can become an organ donor. You’re never too fat, too thin, too old, too young….the list goes on. To reinforce the fact, we’ve got a host of different bodies busting (!) all these myths in our new campaign, 'We Need Everybody' which launched on 4th July and runs right through the summer.

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  • Eat Better Feel Better : The Mummy’s Revenge

    19th February 2016 by

    We do it on our own. With our partners. Sometimes with friends. We do it in restaurants or in front of the telly. Eating is a pleasure to some but a stressful time for many mums. Our Eat Better Feel Better campaign aims to help families to overcome time or budget constraints whilst supporting mums to...

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  • Loving and Living

    12th February 2016 by

    It’s time for all things red, fluffy and heart-shaped to appear on shelves again! While love-birds across the country are busy declaring their affection for each other, paying over the odds for a mediocre meal, and penning romantic rhyme as though they’re the next Bard, the organ donation team has been busy driving registrations to...

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  • “I’m just too tired to chew chicken… and anyway I’m electric (allergic)”

    14th January 2016 by

    You don’t hear that every day…or do you?! Children are seemingly being asked to do ‘unspeakable’ things by their parents when it comes to food, like trying a baked potato… “My son cried when I gave him a baked potato, he said he couldn’t eat Mr Potato Heads family.” Here are a few more tasters...

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