• Would you wear leather to get ahead in the workplace?

    8th June 2018 by

    Four months ago I sat in a meeting feeling awkward and out of place. I was the only one not wearing head-to-toe leather. The other attendees smiled warmly, each too polite to ask what on earth I was doing there.

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  • Can I have you for a moment?

    1st July 2016 by

    Attend most presentations about social media or content marketing and many speakers will cover the importance of capturing the moment and being agile in your approach to marketing. At an event last week all the examples quoted to demonstrate this thinking looked at a product or service. Behaviour change examples were missing and it was...

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  • When is it right to add a dash of celebrity to your marketing campaign?

    17th March 2016 by

    Celebrities. They can provide a marketing campaign with a sprinkle of their star power to take it to the next level or they can bring a world of headaches – think about the reaction of Maria Sharapova’s sponsors  to her recent press announcement. Or perhaps there might be problems if a road safety campaign worked...

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  • Are you vulnerable?

    4th March 2016 by

    It’s a question I’ve been mulling over for a few weeks now. Well, to be precise, since I took the reins of our latest Road Safety campaign. A campaign which aims to highlight the fragility of pedestrians. A campaign titled – in policy speak – Vulnerable Road Users. Or to use the more consumer-friendly version...

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  • # Like, Share, Favourite, Follow, Request, Re-Tweet…How Social Media drove our Country Roads campaign

    20th November 2015 by

    Accidents on country roads account for an overwhelming 56% of casualties in Scotland. Whilst that percentage may have come down in recent years, it’s still the biggest issue when it comes to making our roads safer.  And it’s a particular problem amongst 22-29 year old men. In an era when car technology is making us...

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  • I love the smell of petrol in the morning

    16th April 2015 by

    Now I’ll admit, my knowledge of the biking world was pretty sketchy a year ago when I wrote the brief for a brand new campaign on motorbike safety. Leathers…tattoos…hell raising down Route 66…all the old clichés come to mind. So how do a bunch of marketing geeks used to talking about ‘umbrella strategies’ and ‘segmenting...

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  • ‘Charlie says’…download Klang

    13th February 2015 by

    It’s an age old dichotomy – parents want to encourage their children to be independent whilst at the same time wrap them up in cotton wool. And you can understand why. There were 464 child pedestrian casualties in Scotland in 2013 alone.  Children aged 8-11 are most vulnerable as their ability to make judgements about...

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  • Kids in the Car (…or Children in the Carriage)

    11th December 2014 by

    It’s not often one gets to invited to the Savoy to lunch with royalty.  But invited we were, as the Safer team and Road Safety Scotland won a Prince Michael of Kent Road Safety Award for our ‘Kids in the Car’ marketing campaign. The Prince Michael of Kent Road Safety Awards began in 1987, and...

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    19th November 2014 by

    Remember when people smoked on planes and trains? Or didn’t wear a seatbelt in their car? Remember when people drove after having a drink? From December 5, Scotland will have a new drink drive limit – 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood (down from 80mg) –  which is the same as the majority of...

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  • Know the limits

    28th October 2014 by

    I pride myself on being a good driver. My dad was a police driver and taught me to drive, and after three years of working on the road safety account I’ve learned a thing or two. So when I was recently asked if I knew the national speed limits for cars on single carriageways, dual...

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