• Youth is the Word

    27th March 2018 by

    Hi everyone, my name is Ellyce and I’m studying PR & Marketing at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. I recently finished a student placement in the Scottish Government’s Comms/Marketing department and I was asked to write a blog to talk about my experiences. I’ve never written a blog before so I’m going to give it...

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  • Teaching Makes People

    8th March 2017 by

    One day when I was 17, my history teacher wheeled in a TV and a VCR* and put on a tape of Blackadder II. While my classmates and I were thrilled to spend a lesson watching comedy instead of doing actual work, we were also bemused. Why play us a TV show rather than discuss...

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  • Dream a little dream of…unicorns?

    28th February 2017 by

    What did you dream of being when you grew up? What did you imagine the world would be like?     The eight-year-old animal-loving me wanted to be a vet until I realised that there wasn’t really a farm that all poorly animals went to for a holiday. Then, I set my heart on being...

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  • #30daysofplay with PlayTalkRead

    18th November 2016 by

    Since joining the Scottish Government marketing team as the first ever in-house Social Media Manager last year, I have been focusing on using digital communications and social media to engage with our audiences. Based on robust research and strong planning insight we have developed an integrated approach to community engagement through digital comms. PlayTalkRead is...

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  • Let’s Get Online – changing lives through the internet

    1st September 2016 by

    Of all the people I missed when I first arrived in the UK, my grandmother was probably top of the list. For me, the thrill of being on the other side of the world and exploring new places was slightly tempered by homesickness for my family.

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  • Are you experimenting with Instagram ads?

    11th March 2016 by

    Have you noticed an increase in the number of ads being served to you on Instagram recently? Big brands such as Coca-Cola and Rolex are using the platform to showcase their products or services. Boasting a community of over 300 million users sharing over 60 million photos every day it’s no surprise that companies, governments and...

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  • Just because you have a smartphone doesn’t necessarily mean you’re internet-smart

    23rd April 2015 by

    Pauline Platt – Marketing – Smarter One day a mum notices her young son logging onto his favourite website and typing in a very long password. She asks him what his password is to take so long to type? “MickeyMinnieGoofyPlutoDonaldDaffy”, he says. “Why that?” she asks. “Because it says your password should be at least...

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