• Welcome to the Scottish Government… Westie

    21st October 2014 by

    On my walk to work on my first day as part of the SG Marketing team, the suit jacket was off, shirt sleeves rolled up and I was enjoying the warm morning sun. Was this a good omen for the new job? 63 minutes after starting my role, summer thoughts were quickly replaced with snow,...

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  • Human Rights and Human Wrongs

    15th October 2014 by

    In my 8 years as a marketeer it’s fair to say I’ve consumed a varied diet of briefs. From selling cans of orange fizzy pop, to flogging gas and electricity, and shifting tins of soup. One of the best things about doing marketing for the government is the chance to get under the skin of...

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  • Delivering excellent communications – with you!

    9th October 2014 by

    It may sound a bit cheesy but I do consider my job a privilege. I get to work with talented people inside and outside the Scottish Government and collectively we’re responsible for communicating and engaging with over 5 million people (and many more beyond Scotland) on issues that have a real and lasting impact on...

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  • The Flu Vaccine – it’s not to be sneezed at!

    7th October 2014 by

    “Ah-choo, ah-choo, cough, cough, sniff, sniff.” That is the sound of me at my desk, surrounded by soggy tissues, sipping on my Covonia, with a pounding headache. Yes, I probably should be at home recovering….but instead I’m launching the seasonal flu campaign – oh, the irony! Our case study for the launch, Helen, giggling at...

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  • Country Roads…Take Me Home (safely)

    3rd October 2014 by

    “Country Roads…take me home…to the place…I belong…” Now I appreciate that our target audience of 21-30 year old men may not see John Denver as at the cutting edge of music (was he ever…?) but still, the sentiment remains true today. We want to see this audience (and everyone) returned home safely when out driving...

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  • Remember me and save 5p

    26th September 2014 by

    Bag lady Debbie Smith trumpets about SG marketing’s latest campaign. Welcome back Ernie, we hadn’t forgotten you! This week we launched a campaign to inform the public that from October 20, 2014 all retailers in Scotland will charge a mandatory fee of at least 5p for each new paper or plastic carrier bag used  when...

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  • What’s on your desk? SG marketing plan for future campaigns (and pencil shortage)

    24th September 2014 by

    This week I asked my Marketing colleagues ‘what’s on your desk?’. Apart from banana peels (Gwen), Blackberry chargers (almost everyone) and, in my case, a generous supply of pencils (HB, integral eraser), Marketing have a number of campaigns in development. Greener are urging Scotland to do more to make our country a cleaner, greener place...

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  • International Marketing and PR need you!

    3rd September 2014 by

    Are you passionate about PR? Are you enthusiastic about overseas engagement? Do you have at least five years’ experience in a communications, marketing or PR role? We’ve lost a member of our team to the bright lights of Aberdeen, so we’re looking to replace a temporary PR and International Brand manager. It would be a...

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  • Leaving the Car!

    29th August 2014 by

    Inspired by the Active Travel campaign, I have set myself the personal challenge of reducing car use for four weeks in September to see what difference this will make to me personally and to my carbon footprint. Being brought up in a semi-rural area where public transport was inconvenient, owning and running a car has...

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  • Behind the Scenes @Scotland

    25th August 2014 by

    There was a flurry of excitement in February when a representative from Twitter arrived at St Andrew’s House in possession of a much sought after Twitter handle: @Scotland. The International Marketing team put together a proposal for how we would use @Scotland as a representative voice of Scotland. Partially inspired by the curatorial style of...

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