• Content Marketing – What Does It Mean?

    15th August 2014 by

    Content marketing is the hot new digital thing, but the concept goes back centuries. According to Wikipedia, August Oetker sold small packets of his baking soda with recipes printed on the back as early as 1891. Michelin developed the Michelin Guide in 1900 to help drivers on the road with accommodation and travel tips (it...

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  • Bowled Over

    8th August 2014 by

    Hard on the heels of the huge success of the 5-a-side charity football match on 30 May on behalf of the Lifeboat Fund, The APS Group is now sponsoring a Commonwealth Games inspired ten-pin bowls fundraiser. Over £2,500 was raised from the football match and we’re hoping to match or better that with the bowling competition....

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  • What’s your dirty little secret?

    5th August 2014 by

    She’s been at it in the back row of the cinema. He should keep it in his trousers. The ‘dirty little secret’ we’re talking about is littering. What else?! We launched a new marketing campaign recently which uses a tongue-in-cheek, humorous approach to highlight the embarrassment factor of being caught littering by someone you know...

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  • Scotland believes in equality

    31st July 2014 by

    What with “that kiss” from John Barrowman seen by a billion people (not least of all the 42 Commonwealth countries where homosexuality is illegal) and Libby Clegg’s incredible gold medal for Team Scotland on Monday night in the T12 100m equality is definitely a hot topic. So it’s good timing then that we’ve just launched a new website...

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  • Making a difference

    30th July 2014 by

    I’m not a morning person so, for me, earlier isn’t always better. However, one thing that makes it easier to get out of bed, is the hope/thought that you might just make a difference. It’s sometimes difficult to remember when I’m annoyed at the IT systems in the office, or fed-up waiting for people to...

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  • ‘What do you say?’ PlayTalkRead #saythanks

    29th July 2014 by

    On hearing the question ‘What do you say?’, most of us will automatically say ‘thank you’. Even if it’s on receipt of a terrible festive jumper from Auntie Margaret. That’s because our parents will have instilled in us as children the importance of saying thanks. Afterall, one of the best compliments a parent can have...

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  • From egg to fully fledged tweeter

    14th July 2014 by

    I have decided to become the 500,000 million and first person on Twitter. I will be relaxed about grammar and embrace chatting in 140 characters or less, ignore the fact that on Twitter you ‘tweet’ (surely it should be ‘twitter’?), and embrace a new way of keeping in touch with the outside world. I LOVE...

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  • Chameleons of the marketing mix

    8th July 2014 by

    Having recently joined the Scottish Government marketing team Diane Primrose gives her thoughts on the ever changing world of PR. I have been on both sides of the fence now – in more ways than one. I have worked on health awareness and behaviour change campaigns in Scotland and England, experiencing both in-house and agency...

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  • New York state of mind

    30th June 2014 by

    Everything in NYC is certainly fast paced and cutting edge – and blogging is no exception.  If the New York blogger’s scene is anything to go by, a PR’s little black book requires an entire section for who’s who and what’s hot online. It’s important to treat bloggers like journalists – they’re  savvy and on...

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  • Detect Cancer Early Regional Breast Screening Activity

    19th June 2014 by

    It is estimated that breast screening saves around 130 lives every year in Scotland. Breast screening is the best way to detect breast cancer early, as it can detect tiny cancers that women themselves, or health professionals, could never see or feel. Finding these tiny cancers when they are easier to treat means that women...

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