• The Efficient Spokesperson

    27th September 2016 by

    Doug the Draft Excluder recently celebrated his 3rd birthday as the spokesinsect for Home Energy Scotland (HES).

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  • Carefree life, car free day

    22nd September 2016 by

    We don’t NEED a car do we? Or do we? After leaving my last job, my wife and I were forced to examine our family budgets in an attempt to save some money. Upon realising that we wouldn’t save much on biscuits or bus fares, we decided to go big and to try out life...

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  • It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later…

    8th September 2016 by

    How many people can say ‘I do the PR for Scotland’ when asked what they do for a living?

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  • Fringe Benefits

    7th September 2016 by

    This week has been Organ Donation Week, a UK wide initiative that provides another great opportunity to highlight the importance of joining the NHS Organ Donor Register whilst celebrating the lives of others.

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  • Let’s Get Online – changing lives through the internet

    1st September 2016 by

    Of all the people I missed when I first arrived in the UK, my grandmother was probably top of the list. For me, the thrill of being on the other side of the world and exploring new places was slightly tempered by homesickness for my family.

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  • The second best Games of 2016

    26th August 2016 by

    It’s without question that the Olympics in Rio have delivered some impressive, record-breaking feats of agility, determination, stamina and skill over the space of two action-packed weeks. And, not forgetting an impressive 67 medals for Team GB! Inspired by the 2016 Games, on Thursday 18th August, twelve teams of brave people from Scottish Government Marketing,...

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  • Snapchat success (and first week, new job!)

    17th August 2016 by

    We live in a world where there are quite literally thousands of ways to talk to people from our smartphones. Text messages, Tweets, WhatsApp and Skype. Facebook, Snapchat, Pintrest and Instagram. And, that’s as well as the old traditional methods like face to face, telephone… As a young(ish!) marketing professional, I thought I was pretty...

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  • We Need Everybody…and that includes you…

    5th July 2016 by

    The truth is, everyone can become an organ donor. You’re never too fat, too thin, too old, too young….the list goes on. To reinforce the fact, we’ve got a host of different bodies busting (!) all these myths in our new campaign, 'We Need Everybody' which launched on 4th July and runs right through the summer.

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  • Can I have you for a moment?

    1st July 2016 by

    Attend most presentations about social media or content marketing and many speakers will cover the importance of capturing the moment and being agile in your approach to marketing. At an event last week all the examples quoted to demonstrate this thinking looked at a product or service. Behaviour change examples were missing and it was...

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  • Are you a hands-on digital pro?

    21st June 2016 by

    If you’re looking to take your digital marketing career to the next level and want to work on projects which are about changing lives, making Scotland a stronger, healthier, smarter, greener, safer and fairer country, we should chat. The award winning Scottish Government marketing team is looking to recruit a digital marketer to work on...

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