• Success is the sum of many parts.

    14th June 2016 by

    It doesn’t get any better than being recognised by your peers for being great at what you do. And on Thursday night at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange the SG marketing team experienced just that as we collected the Marketing Society’s Star Team of the Year award. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work, and...

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  • Scotland gets designs on Hong Kong

    7th June 2016 by

    I think pretty much every girl in the world would say fashion is one of their ‘passions’ and I’m definitely no exception. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to experiment with clothes, particularly during my ‘Saturday Girl’ years at one of Edinburgh’s trendiest hairdressers, I loved to layer, mix and match and ‘break the...

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  • We’ve got a great idea that will help you and us

    13th May 2016 by

    Working with other organisations across the public and private sector is an important part in all our campaigns as we look to extend reach beyond traditional paid for media. The brainstorming of ideas during the development of partnership activity may produce a long list of organisations that we could work with. However, the challenge remains...

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  • Scottish Government Secondment Opportunity

    4th April 2016 by

    Scottish Government Secondment Opportunity — Digital Communication Manager – Corporate Communications, Office of the Director-General Health and Social Care and Chief Executive, NHSScotland Applications are invited from digital communications professionals with exceptional strategic knowledge of all aspects of digital engagement and communication, web architecture and content management systems. This secondment offers an excellent opportunity to...

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  • When is it right to add a dash of celebrity to your marketing campaign?

    17th March 2016 by

    Celebrities. They can provide a marketing campaign with a sprinkle of their star power to take it to the next level or they can bring a world of headaches – think about the reaction of Maria Sharapova’s sponsors  to her recent press announcement. Or perhaps there might be problems if a road safety campaign worked...

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  • Are you experimenting with Instagram ads?

    11th March 2016 by

    Have you noticed an increase in the number of ads being served to you on Instagram recently? Big brands such as Coca-Cola and Rolex are using the platform to showcase their products or services. Boasting a community of over 300 million users sharing over 60 million photos every day it’s no surprise that companies, governments and...

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  • Talking amongst friends

    10th March 2016 by

    Evaluation. Bear with me. At the end of our marketing year, I spend a lot of time working in this. It might not be the sexiest part of the campaign process but for us in Scottish Government marketing, it’s arguably the most important. Understanding, auditing and improving upon our work have to be obsessions to everyone in...

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  • Are you vulnerable?

    4th March 2016 by

    It’s a question I’ve been mulling over for a few weeks now. Well, to be precise, since I took the reins of our latest Road Safety campaign. A campaign which aims to highlight the fragility of pedestrians. A campaign titled – in policy speak – Vulnerable Road Users. Or to use the more consumer-friendly version...

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  • Do people think I’m weird?

    22nd February 2016 by

    Every now and then in marketing, a piece of consumer research comes back that shocks you. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw our study on attitudes and behaviour around climate change. On the whole people see green as extreme, hippy and weird. They certainly don’t want to be green. Really? I’m a bit...

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  • Eat Better Feel Better : The Mummy’s Revenge

    19th February 2016 by

    We do it on our own. With our partners. Sometimes with friends. We do it in restaurants or in front of the telly. Eating is a pleasure to some but a stressful time for many mums. Our Eat Better Feel Better campaign aims to help families to overcome time or budget constraints whilst supporting mums to...

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