• Would you wear leather to get ahead in the workplace?

    8th June 2018 by

    Four months ago I sat in a meeting feeling awkward and out of place. I was the only one not wearing head-to-toe leather. The other attendees smiled warmly, each too polite to ask what on earth I was doing there.

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  • Around the World in 15 Minutes

    21st February 2017 by

    Our AboutScotland Facebook page now has more than 212,000 followers internationally.  These numbers include our UK following (over 42,000), as well as our audience in America (84,000), Canada (20,000) and Australia (10,000). My job is to share some of the best bits of Scotland with them, showcasing what our country has to offer. And our…

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  • We Are All in This Together

    29th November 2016 by

    Time often goes by so very fast. Sometimes whole years seem to whizz by and blend into the one before and we can’t quite remember what took place. Not so this one though. 2016 has been some year. Full of heart-wrenching moments, a series of endings and seismic changes, it’s one that many people seem…

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