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Participation at the heart of policy design and delivery: the National Dementia Lived Experience Panel

21st May 2024

“I am Indian; I am Scottish. I am a husband, a brother, a father, a grandfather. Some relations seem so distant now. Another life? I recall the streets of my youth; I do not know my address. But I am still me.” From a poem written by a member of our National Dementia Lived Experience…

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Democracy Matters: public participation in 2024 and beyond

13th May 2024

It’s has been an interesting and busy time for the Local Governance Review Team since the summer of 2023. Many events and conversations have taken place across Scotland exploring how decisions could be made by communities themselves. Now that the dust has settled, we wanted to share some highlights of the conversations we observed and…

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Participation A to Z: accessibility

12th April 2024

We are beginning a new A-Z series of posts. Each letter of the alphabet will cover a different topic in participation and public engagement. We hope you enjoy this mini-series, and without further ado, we’re kicking things off today with A for Accessibility!  What do we mean by accessibility?  When we talk about accessibility we…

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Meet the Scottish Government Digital Engagement Team

29th February 2024

Who are you and what do you do? Hi, I’m Finlay. I’m a digital engagement manager for the Scottish Government. We’re a small team of 3 but we work with our colleagues all across government to support good digital engagement with you, the public. What that means is we use digital tools like online surveys,…

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