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Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel: Statement

18th August 2022

Matthew Cole, Chair of the Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel, comments on the Panel’s assessment of the cost of living crisis and the action required to prevent and alleviate fuel poverty

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Single-use plastic ban

12th August 2022

Scotland’s ban on single-use plastic products ban has become fully effective today (12 August 2022). The Scottish Government’s ban on many of the most damaging single-use plastic products came into force on 1 June 2022. However, the ban had been under threat from the UK Internal Market Act. The Act, which no devolved legislature consented…

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Pig producers support extended

9th May 2022

The Rural Affairs Secretary has extended the Pig Producers Hardship Support Scheme to provide additional support to the pig industry.

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Monitoring emissions to prioritise restoration

6th April 2022

The flux tower network in Scotland is to be extended and enhanced to better understand the carbon and climate impact of restoring peatlands.

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Improving knowledge transfer and innovation in agriculture

24th March 2022

The Rural Affairs Secretary has announced the opening of the next round of the Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund

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Supporting women and girls in science

14th February 2022

A blog from Lucy Webster, Senior Wildlife Forensic Scientist at SASA.

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