Scotland's Economy

  • Scotland's Spending Plans and Draft Budget 2016/17

    16th December 2015 by

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  • Chancellor’s statement ‘halfway to common sense’

    6th December 2012 by

    After two and a half years in office the Chancellor has finally heeded Scotland’s calls to boost capital spending and allocated £330 million of new spending to Scotland over the next two years. The Chancellor’s recognition that he needs to invest is welcome, but he has only come halfway to a common sense solution.

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  • A budget for Scotland’s economy

    20th September 2012 by

    Global economic conditions continue to impact on economic confidence. Business investment remains considerably below pre-recession levels, and household income remains under pressure. I am therefore focussed on enhancing confidence in order to encourage private sector investment and growth.

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  • Budget Roundtable

    16th August 2012 by

    Garry Clarke of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce comments on the Budget Rountable with Finance Secretary John Swinney in Ayr.

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  • Budget debate

    28th March 2012 by

    The impact of last week’s UK Budget will be felt across Scottish business in the months and years to come. Today, the Scottish Parliament gets the chance to debate the measures, with a motion that “the Parliament is disappointed that the UK Chancellor’s budget is a missed opportunity...”

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