Scotland's Economy

  • Chancellor’s statement ‘halfway to common sense’

    6th December 2012 by

    After two and a half years in office the Chancellor has finally heeded Scotland’s calls to boost capital spending and allocated £330 million of new spending to Scotland over the next two years. The Chancellor’s recognition that he needs to invest is welcome, but he has only come halfway to a common sense solution.

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  • Government and Expenditure Revenue Scotland 2010-11

    7th March 2012 by

    Latest Government and Expenditure Revenue Scotland 2010-11, shows that, including a fair share of UK North Sea oil and gas revenues, Scotland contributed 9.6 per cent of UK public sector revenue, yet received 9.3 per cent of total UK public sector expenditure, including a per capita share of UK debt interest payments. And our population is 8.4% of the UK.

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