Social Security

  • Experience Panels update – we’re listening and already acting on your feedback

    27th February 2018 by

    Picture of Minister for Social Security Experience Panels

    Ever since we began our consultation in 2016, we have been clear that our social security system would be built with the people who will actually use it. This is why we formed our innovative and unique Experience Panels last year and recruited over 2,400 people with experience of the current benefits system to help...

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  • Funeral Expense Assistance – illustrative regulations published

    6th December 2017 by

    Jeane Freeman on Funeral Expense Assistance

    Losing a loved one is a difficult and distressing time. A time that can be made even harder if money is tight. And while it is important that where we can, we plan and save for our own funeral, not everyone can afford to put money aside to do that. So it is important that...

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  • Universal Credit choices – what they mean for landlords and tenants

    4th October 2017 by

    Picture of Kevin Stewart, Minister for Local Government and Housing

    From 4 October the Scottish Government will offer people living in Scotland and in receipt of the UK Government’s Universal Credit the choice to: be paid either monthly or twice monthly; and have the housing costs in their award of Universal Credit paid direct to their landlord. Our main focus has been on the positive...

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  • Universal Credit – Scottish choices

    3rd October 2017 by

    Picture of Jeane Freeman Minister for Social Security

    Yesterday, in parliament I once again called on the UK Government to halt the rollout of full service Universal Credit, a fundamentally flawed system that is causing unnecessary hardship and suffering to families across Scotland. Universal Credit is failing the people it is designed to support, driving more people into poverty. The in built six...

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  • Working together at a local level

    19th September 2017 by

    Customer Service desk at East Lothian Council

    Officials from the Social Security Directorate have been meeting with Local Authorities and third sector organisations over the last few weeks.  Our commitment is to meet with all councils and to date have met with 17.  Throughout our visits we have been gathering information and learning more about how services are delivered locally, this will help inform...

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  • Experience Panels Update

    11th August 2017 by

    About Your Benefits & You Over 2,400 volunteers have signed up to work with us as part of the Experience Panels. We have now started our first piece of research called ‘About Your Benefits & You’. From this research, we want to learn more about our panel members, including what they think works in the...

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  • The role of the Disability and Carers Benefit Expert Advisory Group

    12th June 2017 by

    The first meeting of the Independent Advisory Group on Disability and Carers Benefits

    Guest post from Jim McCormick, chair of the Disability and Carers Benefit Expert Advisory Group With some powers over social security being devolved to Scotland, a new ecology of participation, advice and scrutiny will be needed. Recruitment to the Experience Panels of 2,000+ people who claim key benefits is the most visible early sign of...

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  • Best Start Grant set to replace the Sure Start Maternity Grant

    28th April 2017 by

    The Scottish Government will become responsible the Sure Start Maternity Grant, currently administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).  The Sure Start Maternity Grant is a one-off payment of £500 to help towards the costs of having your first child and available to recipients, or partners of recipients on a qualifying benefit. If...

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  • Industrial injuries. Are you thinking coal mines and factories, farms and quarries?

    26th April 2017 by

    Guest blog from the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) The Scottish Government will become responsible for the Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits (IIDB) currently taken care of by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Individuals may have applied for, or been awarded these benefits for disablement because of an accident at work, or because of one of...

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  • Welcoming an inclusive approach

    26th April 2017 by

    Guest post from Circle, a Scottish charity which works at the heart of deprived communities across central Scotland Circle works across central Scotland with families who face poverty and adversity. Circle’s vision is for all children to be safe, happy, healthy and nurtured within a stable family environment which supports them to achieve their potential....

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