National Performance Framework

  • Five things you’ve told us about the National Performance Framework

    8th March 2022 by

    The top takeaways from our National Performance Framework 2021 user survey. What you told us about how you use the NPF. And how we can improve it.

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  • Wellbeing: Wha’s like us?

    26th October 2021 by

    We review our National Outcomes regularly to make sure they reflect what matters most to people in Scotland. Just now, as we plan the next review, we’re looking at what’s happening elsewhere in the world. Helping us see what is uniquely ‘Scottish’. And to consider what we might learn from others.

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  • What impact has COVID-19 had on Scotland’s wellbeing?

    19th January 2021 by

    map of scotland graphic

    In December, along with the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA), we published a report about the impact the pandemic is having on Scotland. Scotland’s Wellbeing: The impact of COVID-19 brings together evidence on how the pandemic has affected Scotland’s progress towards our National Outcomes. It also tells us how individuals have experienced the pandemic....

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