Open Government Partnership

About us

The Scottish Government is working with public and civil society to shape the future direction of openness, transparency and participation in Scotland. Through this new blog, we hope to tell the wider story of the Scottish Government’s open government journey.

What is open government?

The Scottish Government is part of the Open Government Partnership: an international programme to rebuild trust in governments across the world by providing a platform for reformers inside and outside governments. As we develop the next action plan (for 2018-20) we are working closely with the Civil Society network to invite the public to share their ideas to support our ambitions for openness and participation. The Open Government Partnership in Scotland is supported by a newly constituted Steering Group (more information coming shortly).

Are there areas where we’re working innovatively to include people in the decision making process? Are there ways in which we’re sharing more information with the public? Where can we be doing more? We want to hear from people across Scotland and are currently carrying out an engagement process, with a programme of public discussion events, going along to existing events/groups and an ideas site online.

Sharing our story

Open Government in Scotland is underpinned by the values of openness, transparency and citizen participation, and aims to deliver much more than the five commitments in our plan. This blog from the Open Government team within Scottish Government will be updated throughout the development and delivery of the Action Plan. We welcome comment and feedback on this blog and are happy to collaborate: we’ll be looking for input and/or guest blogs in the near future.

Find out more about Open Government Civil Society network and the Scottish Government’s progress.