Chris Connolly

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Digital Engagement Manager

Our journey through consultations

13th January 2020

We just published our 500th consultation on Citizen Space. Read on to find out about our journey so far.

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We’re hiring a Digital Engagement Manager

27th February 2019

We are currently seeking applications for a Digital Engagement Manager within the Digital Communications Division based in Edinburgh. The Digital Engagement Team is a specialist unit, responsible for delivering effective online consultation and helping support and promote digital engagement tools and techniques. Digital Communications team is part of the Communications and Ministerial Support Directorate. You…

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Using a chatbot to engage the public in consultation

12th February 2019

Whilst working on a consultation it occurred to us that it would be a good fit for giving a chatbot a go. Overall the topic is of public interest, easy to understand and questions were appropriate for an automated script.

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The Rise of E-Democracy

27th June 2017

It seems as though everyone is trying to understand what digital democracy is in practice, but what do we mean by e-democracy or digital democracy?

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Trick or tweet?

29th October 2015

As it’s Halloween we couldn’t resist a punny title and pumpkin pic for our blog post about barriers to using social media as a tool for policy makers in the Scottish Government.

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A reflection on the last 6.5 months

19th June 2015

We’ve come a long way since we launched in December. Trying to navigate the complexities of Scottish Government and promote ourselves across the organisation, we’ve had somewhat of an uphill battle.

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