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New Construction Policy Note (CPN) 7/2020

12th August 2020

Giving subcontractors availability and accessibility to enable them to join a Project Bank Account.

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Digital procurement meetups 2020 attendee survey

22nd July 2020

Complete our survey to help us improve future events

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Office Equipment framework supplier support

22nd July 2020

Are you using one of the suppliers innovative solutions?

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Recruitment Advertising and Public Information Notices Framework update

13th July 2020

New single supplier framework now live!

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New code of practice for commercial property relationships

7th July 2020

Providing the right support to those in the chain of commercial property payments

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UK National GO Public Procurement Awards 2020

2nd July 2020

Find out who will be the overall UK winner in each award category

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Updated frequently asked questions (FAQs) for SPPNs 5/2020 and 8/2020

1st July 2020

Questions and answers to help with the extension of supplier relief

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Digital Technology Services Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) – delivering economic benefits

30th June 2020

Join our DPS and have access to more contract opportunities

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Introduction to human trafficking in Scotland webinars

18th June 2020

Are you frontline services staff? Join the introductory webinar on human trafficking

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): CPN 1/2020 duration extended: CPN 5/2020

17th June 2020

CPN 1/2020 duration extended

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