Niamh Duncan

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Scot Climate Week podcast!

16th September 2021

Members of the Climate and Procurement Forum discuss how they’ve been supporting Scotland’s fight against climate change

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Internet of Things dynamic purchasing system extended

12th August 2021

We have extended the duration of our Internet of Things (IoT) Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) by 18 months and it is now due to expire on 3 March 2023

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#NoWrongPath to discover the Power of Procurement

10th August 2021

To support young people across Scotland through #NoWrongPath day we asked some of our staff to reflect on their careers so far and how they got into procurement. Sophie and David, some of our portfolio specialists have had very different routes to the same team, while Jayne, one of our eCommerce specialists shows how one…

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Working together to maximise the Power of Procurement

22nd July 2021

An update from the annual Public Procurement Group and Procurement Supply group joint meeting. Written jointly by guest bloggers Ian Howie, Deputy Director, Collaborative and Scottish Government Procurement, and Gillian Cameron, Programme Manager, Supplier Development Programme.

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New national mobile client devices framework agreement

21st July 2021

Delivering best in class technology which meets or exceeds the latest energy management and environmental standards.

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Speaking up for suppliers…

10th June 2021

Our latest guest blogger giving an update from Procurement Supply Group meetings.

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New Construction Policy Note (CPN) 2/2021

4th June 2021

We have published a new Construction Policy Note (CPN) confirming Scottish Government’s support for the principle of avoiding conflict in construction contracts.

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Introduction to Sustainable Public Procurement eLearning – now available!

26th May 2021

A refreshed version of the Introduction to Sustainable Public Procurement eLearning is now available.

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Celebrating young people in education

25th May 2021

A new case study shows the community benefits that can come from using Scottish Procurement’s framework agreements.

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Sustainable Procurement Tools platform – what’s new?

24th May 2021

Latest update of what’s available on our Sustainable Procurement Tools platform.

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