Fergus Ewing MSP

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Former Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Tourism

In the media: staying in the Highlands and Islands

4th December 2018

This morning Highlands and Islands Enterprise published a report that found efforts to attract and retain young people in the Highlands and Islands may be working.

The survey found that increasing numbers of young people want to live and work in the Highlands and Islands, with the proportion of committed stayers increasing to 46%, from 36% in 2015.

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Stability and Simplicity: Proposals for a rural funding transition period

16th November 2018

For the whole of the Scottish parliament’s lifetime, farm policy and support in Scotland has been determined by membership of the EU, and more specifically CAP. With the UK’s decision to leave the EU, there is no doubt that the year ahead will be difficult. That is why the Scottish Government has made it clear…

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In the news: Red meat levy success

16th November 2018

The Scottish Government and industry – particularly QMS and Jim McLaren, its recently retired Chairman – have worked tirelessly for the last decade to find a sustainable solution that would ensure that the monies raised through this levy could be used to benefit the Scottish quality meat sector, including marketing and promotion of Scotch beef, Scotch lamb and specially selected pork to consumers at home and abroad.

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Coverage on UK Agriculture Bill

13th November 2018

Today, various media outlets are running a piece calling on the Scottish and UK Government’s to break the “current political log-jam” on how to agree future policy, financial frameworks and repatriation of agriculture powers.

The pieces call for “meaningful progress” to be made on the legal mechanisms required to make agricultural payments in the immediate aftermath of Brexit, and follows a letter published by NFUS Scotland president Andrew McCornick to Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing and DEFRA Secretary of State Michael Gove.

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Programme for Government 2018/19: Rural commitments

15th October 2018

We’ve recently seen the unveiling of this year’s Programme for Government, outlining our commitment to making this bolder, more ambitious vision of Scotland’s future a reality. Over the coming year, I’ll be focusing my attention on carrying out the following commitments to support the sectors which make up one of Scotland’s key priority areas –…

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Another busy Summer recess

3rd September 2018

Summer recess provides a welcome opportunity to get out and about in Scotland, attending shows from the Highlands to the South West, visiting communities and businesses and hearing first-hand how things are in our rural economy.

Every conversation I have, I am struck by the creativity and resilience farmers, crofters and food producers have shown in responding to the challenges this year’s weather have brought. I am truly impressed with the way that people and communities have pulled together to tackle problems and help each other out.

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Stability, certainty and simplicity in rural support

22nd June 2018

“No change is not an option.” However unpalatable that may be to some in rural Scotland, that was one of the conclusions of the Agriculture Champions and a premises echoed by the National Council of Rural Advisers (NCRA) recent report. Change is therefore inevitable and we must now decide how radical we wish to be, and importantly, how fast we wish to change.

I believe our rural businesses and communities deserve a semblance of security and this consultation sets out options to try and achieve this.

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Importance of in-market specialists to Scotland’s Food and Drink

13th June 2018

Ahead of today’s Food & Drink Global Market Insights event in Falkirk, Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing outlines the importance of in-market specialists to Scotland’s food and drink industry. “Scotland is blessed with a Natural Larder that is renowned and valued all over the world. We are a Land of Food and Drink, with a…

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Support for farmers following severe weather

26th April 2018

I’ve seen first-hand the significant impact that the prolonged wet and severe weather has been having on farmers and crofters, resulting in higher numbers of dead animals, and acute shortages in feed and fodder in some parts of the country.

There’s a lot that the Scottish Government is already doing to help farmers and crofters cope with the adverse weather conditions. This includes paying millions into the rural economy through our LFASS and BPS loan schemes to help alleviate potential cash flow problems. However, there is more we can do to help

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Crofting update

12th April 2018

This government is determined not to allow crofting to be simply a relic of our past: crofting must have a purpose and a role in our present and our future.

That purpose is to support people to remain on the land and to bring people back to the land, with crofting also playing a role in creating a sustainable and productive environment in which people can live and work. To achieve this, crofting needs an effective regulatory and statutory framework.

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