Roseanna Cunningham MSP

Roseanna Cunningham MSP

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Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform

Launch of ScotWind

11th June 2020

Crown Estate Scotland has launched ScotWind, the first round of offshore wind leasing to be administered in Scotland.

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Environment Strategy launched

28th February 2020

We have a clearer picture than ever before of the crises our climate and natural world are facing.

Global assessments have highlighted the scale and urgency of action needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and the loss of the world’s biodiversity.

I am determined that Scotland will play our part in responding to these crises.

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Orkney leading the way on climate change

15th August 2019

The parliamentary recess provides a valuable opportunity for Scottish Government ministers to spend even more time meeting communities across the country. This week I visited the beautiful Orkney islands to see and hear first-hand how Orcadians are rising to the challenges of climate change unique to island communities and capitalising on innovation in the shared…

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In the news: climate change and business

24th December 2018

Findings released by World Wildlife Foundation Scotland today suggests that small to medium-sized businesses feel less prepared for the risks of climate change compared to larger businesses.

The survey of 300 businesses shows that only 2 in 5 of Scotland’s smaller firms feel prepared for risks posed by climate change, while over three-quarters of larger businesses stated they are either fully or partly prepared.

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In the news: UK waste strategy

18th December 2018

You will no doubt have seen that many news outlets are running the a story this morning that the UK Government has published its Resources and Waste Strategy, which places more responsibility on manufacturers and producers to pay recycling and disposal costs.

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In the news: Marine litter

29th November 2018

This morning the Marine Conservation Society published its 25th Great British Beach Clean – a mass participation beach clean and survey event – that found there’s more litter on Scottish beaches than last year.

The beach clean, which took place in September, saw volunteers remove 2,503kg of litter from Scottish beaches. In total, more than 75,000 items were picked up along the 15,680 meters of surveyed coastline, and found that cotton bud sticks at their highest level for eight years.

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Tackling marine plastics

29th October 2018

Scotland has shown leadership in resource use, increase in recycling and reduction in waste because we understand that we cannot continue to ignore the impact we are having on the natural world. The Blue Planet and Drowning in Plastics programmes brought home the horrific reality of that impact.

Taking action on plastic waste and furthering our aims for a circular economy for the benefit of a global society is a crucial part of our agenda. That is why Scotland has taken the lead on plastics and will continue to do so.

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Programme for Government 2018/19: Environmental commitments

3rd October 2018

Following the announcement of the 2018/19 Programme for Government, I’ve set out my key commitments to target the most pressing issues facing Scotland’s environment today. From plastics and waste to marine protected areas, I’ve provided a brief round-up of the measures being taken to address these issues. Plastics and waste We’ve all seen the damaging…

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29th June 2018

Proposals for an Environment Strategy is an opportunity to establish us as a country that is leading global cation to address environmental challenges, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham writes.

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Next steps on environmental governance

1st June 2018

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham comments on the Roundtable on Climate Change and the Environment’s environmental governance post Brexit report.

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