Rural and Environment

  • Reviewing Scotland’s First Honey Bee Health Strategy

    18th October 2021 by

    Honey bees are part of both our Scottish agricultural landscape and our environment. As well as the production of honey and bee hive products, they play a significant role in the pollination of food crops and wild flora.  As part of the environmental crisis, insect populations, including wild honey bees have been in decline across…

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  • Boost for our bees and butterflies

    27th July 2017 by

    To coincide with the launch of our Pollinator Strategy, Craig Macadam, Conservation Director of Buglife, explains why we have to protect our pollinators. Imagine a world without chocolate. A world without coffee, wildflowers, strawberries, tomatoes. One out of every three mouthfuls of our food depends on insect pollination. It is almost impossible to over-emphasise the…

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