Jamie Hepburn MSP

Jamie Hepburn MSP

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Minister for Employability and Training

Progress on fair work

23rd April 2018

Minister for Employability and Training Jamie Hepburn discusses Scottish Government efforts to give everyone access to quality education, training and support into employment.

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Taking a fairer approach to employability

4th April 2017

Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn discusses Scotland’s new and different approach to helping people with health conditions and disabilities into work.

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Employability discussions in Brussels

6th February 2017

Last month I spent time in Brussels to talk about the challenges and solutions of employability across the EU and how the Scottish Government might continue to contribute. We discussed employment support services for disabled people and the long-term unemployed and the new, fairer approach we will be taking.

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A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People

3rd December 2016

Making sure disabled people have access to decent incomes and fairer working lives is one of the key ambitions at the heart of our new disability delivery plan – A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People. The plan recognises that even in the 21st century many disabled people are still unable to live their lives as…

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Update on Modern Apprenticeships

8th November 2016

Today, Skills Development Scotland published positive statistics showing more than 12,500 Modern Apprentices have started work in Scotland since April. This is great news for both our young people and our economy. Modern Apprentices are an important part of our drive to increase skills in our workforce, bring in new talent, and support vulnerable groups…

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Supporting Employability

21st September 2016

Earlier this month I was pleased to announce the Scottish Government’s plans for employability support programmes in 2017, as the powers are devolved to the Scottish Parliament. Our first year will be a transitional year and we are working on our permanent programmes and will make our plans known in due course. Our programmes will…

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World skills day

15th July 2016

To mark UN world skills day, Minister for Employability and Training Jamie Hepburn outlines the Scottish Government’s commitment to make Scotland the best place in Europe for Youth Employment: Today is the first ever international world skills day – which has the aim to reduce unemployment and underemployment amongst young people across the world. This is an ambition that…

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