Scotland's Economy

  • Olympian leadership

    10th September 2012 by

    There’s no doubt the London 2012 Olympics were the highlight of the summer for many. Now, with the Paralympics in full swing, we have another chance to celebrate athletes from all over the world at the top of their game.

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  • Tourism – the next generation

    2nd March 2012 by

    Tourism is very important for the Scottish economy and we need a constant supply of fresh talent to maintain the excellent worldwide reputation that we have in the hospitality sector.

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  • Tourism in Dumfries and Galloway

    5th December 2011 by

    There are some very exciting times ahead for tourism in Scotland. We’re starting off in 2012 with Year of Creative Scotland, Brave and the Olympics, going into 2013 and Year of Natural Scotland, and finishing in 2014 with the Year of Homecoming, Ryder Cup and the Commonwealth Games.

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