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Reproducible Analytical Pipelines: How we saved 3 analysts 6 weeks of copying and pasting

24th July 2023

This blog post is by Alice Byers, Reproducible Analytical Pipeline Developer in Scottish Government. Like most analysts, I’ve spent a lot of time copying and pasting from spreadsheets, analysing data in laborious and manual ways with lots of potential for human error. This is why RAPs – Reproducible Analytical Pipelines – grabbed my attention when…

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Developing the next generation of data scientists

13th July 2023

This blog is by Simon Rogers, Senior Technical Consultant for Business Intelligence, part of Data and Security at NHS National Services Scotland. Here Simon speaks about his experience of being a mentor on the Data Science Accelerator.   Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky to have had some excellent mentors. So when I saw the call…

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