Building Standards

  • Building Resilience to Flooding

    3rd March 2020 by

    A blog by Thomas Lennon Following storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge no one can be in any doubt that the flooding of our towns, cities and properties is on the increase. Flooding cannot be prevented, it is estimated that in Scotland 284,00 homes and properties are at risk of flooding. Around 229,000 of these properties...

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  • House Builders Survey

    18th February 2020 by

    A blog by Eilidh MacPherson Building Standards Division (BSD) is currently undertaking a research project around compliance of Section 6 Energy, of the Technical Handbook, focusing on the building fabric performance.   In 2019, The First Minister declared a global climate emergency and there are increased demands to rapidly reduce carbon emissions across all sectors...

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  • Changing Places Toilets

    21st November 2019 by

    Post by Thomson Dyer of Building Standards Division A toilet is not just a toilet. It’s a life-saver, dignity-protector and opportunity-maker. Whoever you are, wherever you are, access to sanitation is a basic human right. However for many people in Scotland with complex care needs, access to this most basic human right is not as...

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  • Guidance Changes in the Building Standards Procedural Handbook

    1st October 2019 by

          The updated Building Standards Procedural Handbook is published on the Scottish Government website. Version 1.6 of the 3rd edition is the version to be used from 1 October 2019.     This post covers the main guidance changes. Roles and responsibilities We have strengthened guidance on roles and responsibilities of people involved...

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  • Refreshing the Building Standards Procedural Handbook

    22nd August 2019 by

    Guidance on the building standards system for all Most regular users of the building standards system will be familiar with the technical standards and guidance set out in the Technical Handbooks (or “building regs” as most refer to them). The Procedural Handbook provides guidance on all aspects of the building standards system from the building...

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