• Developing disclosure services on

    22nd December 2016 by

    This is a blog post by Rachel Bhandari, one of our content designers. One of the key workstreams in the last MyGov delivery cycle was to develop Disclosure Scotland information on with a view to decommission their existing website. This included new content to provide people with easy access to information about key disclosure...

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  • Last update for 2016 and the end our 60 day delivery cycle

    21st December 2016 by

    We’re almost at the end of the year and have just reached the end of our 60-day drive. It seems a good time to update you on all that we’ve been working on. Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the great progress made by, and Rubric over 2016. We...

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  • Accessibility

    20th December 2016 by

    This is a blog post by Scott Langley, our senior user experience designer. We often get asked about our approach to accessibility so I’d thought I’d share a little on how we go about trying to make all our digital products as accessible as possible. Accessible digital products benefit everyone Accessibility is an important area...

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  • Pair writing content with subject matter experts

    25th November 2016 by logo

    This is a blog post by Reece Cargan, senior content designer on During our work writing content for, the content team use a mixture of different writing methods as part of our content design process. One technique is ‘pair writing’. We have blogged in the past about designing content for, and explained...

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  • Digital First Service Standard – Call for Assessors

    18th November 2016 by

    Over the last couple of months the Scottish Government’s Digital First Team have been developing and refining the assessment process for the Digital First Service Standard. The standard is a set of 22 criteria which all future central government digital public services and internal Scottish Government corporate systems will have to meet in order to go...

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  • How we wrote about Female Genital Mutilation

    3rd November 2016 by

    This is a blog post by Harry Dozier, one of our content designers. This blog post goes into the background behind the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) article which was recently added to the site. The content team frequently deal with challenging topics – such as where to get help if you are the...

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  • Learning from Estonia

    3rd October 2016 by

    What do you see when you think of Estonia? Do you think of the 1996 World Cup qualifier in Tallinn when Scotland were the only team on the pitch?. Do you think of one of the least densely populated countries in Europe? Do you think of one of the most digitally enabled countries in the...

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  • Improving our guide page navigation

    15th September 2016 by

    This is a blog post by Chay Nicholson, creative lead on the MyGov programme. In our latest release of the site you might have noticed our guides look a little different. We have changed the way navigation is displayed on guide pages following a recent round of user testing. We felt that the links to...

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  • Supporting Scottish business owners after the EU Referendum

    25th August 2016 by

    This is a post by Laurna Robertson, one of our content designers. The EU Referendum result means businesses across the UK face an uncertain future. The Scottish Government business policy team wanted to deal with this uncertainty swiftly. Following discussions with the Federation of Small Businesses, it was clear that offering up-to-date information and support...

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  • An Update on the Information Sharing Transformation Programme

    29th July 2016 by

    We held a Show and Tell on Friday 22 July to give an update on the Information Sharing national transformation programme led by the Digital Ecosystem Unit (DEU).  We are focusing on the justice sector and working with the Criminal Justice Delivery Unit as our first delivery partner.  Our work supports the aim to have...

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