• Digital First Improvement Project.

    31st October 2017 by

    Here at the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), we have been carrying out Digital First assessments for just over a year. We have worked with a number of services since going live with our current model in January and are excited to consider whether we can make improvements to the Digital First Service...

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  • Digital Participation Ministerial Action Group – Reflections on digital inclusion.

    17th October 2017 by

    This is a guest post from Douglas White, Head of Advocacy at Carnegie UK Trust. Carnegie UK Trust seek to improve the lives and wellbeing of people throughout the UK particularly those who are disadvantaged. The latest data shows that around a quarter of people in Scotland don’t have access to the internet at home, while...

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  • We Are The (Digital) Champions!

    4th September 2017 by

    A blog from David Robb, Chief Executive of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) on the Scottish Government Digital Champions programme. In the digital world, many of the old clichés become trueisms: the pace of change really is eye-watering, and the possibilities really are endless! A key action from the recently refreshed Scottish Government Digital Strategy is...

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  • The Service Design Champions Programme: what we thought

    3rd July 2017 by

    Post-it notes with questions written on them, and lego on a table

    The Service Design Champions event was a 4-day introduction to service and user-focused thinking, run by the User Research and Service Design team. Mark Black-Daniels and Dawn Kofie, content designers from, reflect on their experiences of the programme. Why we wanted to do the training MBD: In the work I’ve been doing for the...

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  • How digital is supporting our Health and Care ambitions

    16th June 2017 by

    This is a guest post from Dr Margaret Whoriskey, Head of Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation, on what the refreshed digital strategy means for the health and social care. The second in a series of posts from Chief Digital Officers in different sectors. Realising Scotland’s full potential in a Digital World sets out the vision...

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  • GDPR and

    12th June 2017 by

    Here are some of the steps we've been taking to meet new legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), before it comes into force in May 2018.

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  • Scotland’s Digital Strategy and the third sector

    2nd June 2017 by

    This is a guest post from David McNeill, Digital Director at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, on what the refreshed digital strategy means for the third sector. The first in a series of posts from Chief Digital Officers in different sectors. Realising Scotland’s full potential in a Digital World sets out the Scottish Government’s vision...

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  • How to organise an unconference

    4th May 2017 by

    I’m going to start with an assumption: that you’ve been to a conference where you’ve listened to speaker after speaker until you’ve been saturated with other people’s thoughts and opinions. Were you a bit bored? Or frustrated that by the time it got to the questions bit you’d forgotten what you wanted to ask? One way to...

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  • Designing justice content: subject matter experts’ views

    25th April 2017 by

    Post-it notes with contributions from policy officials who attended the breaking the law content planning workshop in 2016

    We know that effective engagement with subject matter experts plays a huge part in creating content that works. It helps users quickly find easy-to-understand and accurate information, without having to know the ins and outs of Scotland’s public service landscape.

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  • Designing form elements to help users

    24th April 2017 by

    To help service designers across the Scottish public sector create consistent and usable services we have developed a guide for forms.

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