• Salutogenese!

    14th October 2022 by

    No it isn’t cheese. More’s the pity. Or a welcome in any language (*as far as I am aware). It originated in the health space and relates to looking at factors that support wellbeing rather than at those which are creating the problem. Using a salutogenic approach means examining a whole range of factors – including environmental, social, emotional and intellectual – to promote good health rather than just tackling illness. In societal terms, and in Scottish Government terms, this means looking at a person centred approach. It means dealing not just with the perceived problem or the issues the problem creates, but actually making an improvement to someone’s life that can have a ripple effect to other parts for that person or for those they love.

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  • Introducing the Digital Citizen Unit

    18th August 2022 by

    My name is Eilidh Mclaughlin and I’m here to talk to you about the Digital Citizen Unit in Scottish Government. Wait, stop! I can tell you’re bored already. But behind that somewhat unassuming name, we’re building something really important and exciting for Scotland.

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