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Funeral Services Remain Limited To 20 People, But Wakes To Take Place With 20 Attendees In Regulated Venues

September 10, 2020 by No Comments | Category Uncategorized

Funeral Services

In her statement to Parliament today (10 September), the First Minister confirmed that there is no change to the current funeral service restrictions. Attendance remains capped at 20 for both indoor and outdoor funeral services.

Those attending funerals continue to be subject to physical distancing measures to enable a 2 metre distance to be maintained between different household groups.  Therefore, depending on a venue’s capacity, this may mean that the total number of people able to attend a funeral will be less than 20 people.

Face coverings continue to be mandatory at indoor funeral services.

We would discourage people who are not counted in the cap of 20 people from going to the funeral service and gathering outside the crematorium, funeral director service room, or in the burial ground.

Funeral wakes/Post-funeral gatherings

However, the First Minister did announce an easing of restrictions in relation to funeral wakes (that is post-funeral service gatherings). From Monday 14th September, wakes will be able to take place in regulated venues (e.g. hospitality venues) with up to 20 people in attendance. It is hoped that this will offer greater consistency for those arranging funeral services, and post-funeral gatherings.

Outwith regulated venues, any gathering must adhere to the general rules on indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Organised occasions such as meals or gatherings to mark a significant event like a funeral will understandably involve people who know one another well, and who may wish to greet and engage with one another. Consequently, the requirements for physical distancing, hygiene and other mitigation measures should be carefully followed both by the venues hosting such occasions and those attending the events.

Guidance for the hospitality sector is available here.