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COVID-19: Modelling the Epidemic in Scotland

December 3, 2020 by No Comments | Category Uncategorized

The Scottish Government issues a weekly report on the modelling of the spread and level of COVID-19 in Scotland.

The reports are available to view and download here.

Modelling allows us to make short-term forecasts of what may happen with a degree of uncertainty. These can be of use in health care and wider public and private sector planning.

Because it takes a little over three weeks on average for a person who catches Covid-19 to show symptoms, become sick, and either die or recover, there is a time lag in what the model can tell us about any re-emergence of the epidemic and where in Scotland this might occur. However modelling of Covid deaths is an important measure of what stage Scotland is at in terms of the epidemic as a whole.

You may find this information useful for winter planning purposes.