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Registering a Death – Sending Forms 14 Electronically

April 20, 2021 by No Comments | Category Uncategorized

On 1 April 2020 our blog post advised that National Records of Scotland (NRS), working with local authorities, moved to a remote registration. Many registration offices continue to have staff working (at least in part) from home.

NRS has no objections to Forms 14 with a digital image of the registrar’s signature, or a typed signature, being sent to funeral directors if that is acceptable to the funeral director.

NRS has also been asked whether it would be acceptable for mortuaries to be copied into any Forms 14 sent to funeral directors.  NRS have no objection to this happening and would view this as facilitating arrangements for informants. The informant (person registering the death) must be advised that the mortuary will be copied in to the e-mail to the funeral director, and if they have no objection, any funeral director asked to include the mortuary as a recipient of the email with the Form 14 attached can do so.

The NRS Coronavirus page on the National Records of Scotland (NRS) provides up to date information on the registrar service status and also includes information on how to contact your local registration office.