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Scottish Apprenticeship Week – Mark Rennie

3rd March 2020

Scottish Apprenticeship Week is underway and this year’s theme is ‘talent without limits’. We hear from Mark Rennie, Marine Scotland Science, who successfully completed the Modern Apprenticeship programme and has who has been nominated for Engineering Apprentice of the Year. “I applied for a mechanical engineering apprenticeship with the Scottish Government after being made redundant….

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Vacancy: Fishing Gear Technologist, closing date 17 March

20th February 2020

The successful candidate will join the Fishing Technology Group within Marine Scotland based in Aberdeen and contribute to its broad spectrum of roles and collaborations both national and international. The core gear technology work of the group includes working with Scottish fishing industry to develop novel solutions to reduce unwanted fish by-catches, investigate fish behaviour…

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Vacancy: Zooplankton Analyst, closing date 17 March

19th February 2020

The main role of this post is to support the monitoring and research needs of the Ecology and Conservation Group at Marine Scotland Science in Aberdeen, currently made up of 12 people, through taxonomic analysis of zooplankton samples and field work. The post will also provide more general laboratory support. The Ecology and Conservation Group…

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Demersal Trawling with the Scotia

17th February 2020

MRV Scotia Programme Survey: 0320S Duration: 16 February – 9 March 2020 Objectives: Demersal trawling survey of the grounds off the north and west of Scotland in ICES Subarea 6a. Obtain temperature and salinity data from the surface and seabed at each trawling station. Collect additional biological data in connection with the EU Data Collection Framework…

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Survey of Scallop Stocks around Shetland Islands

27th January 2020

MRV Alba na Mara Programme Survey: 0220A Duration: 25 January – 9 February 2020 Fishing Gear: Scallop dredges Objectives: 1. To carry out a survey of scallop stocks around the Shetland Islands. 2. To age, measure and assess shell damage on all scallops caught. 3. To collect information on by-catch of other commercial fish and…

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Demersal Trawling Survey in North Sea

27th January 2020

MRV Scotia Programme Survey: 0220S Duration: 24 January – 13 February 2020 Fishing Gear: GOV Trawl (BT 137) with ground gear A & B; MIK Net (Round Frame with IK depressor); MIKeyM net (attached onto the MIK net on selected stations)   Objective: 1. To complete an internationally coordinated demersal trawling survey in the North Sea in ICES area…

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MRV Alba na Mara 0120A – latest news

21st January 2020

The annual underwater television Nephrops research survey neither started on the 6th January 2020 nor worked on the west coast, despite the survey plan. The vessel was initially storm bound in Fraserburgh for three days and once out of the harbour the 5m+ swell along the north coast meant the vessel couldn’t reach the west…

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MRV Scotia 0120S – latest news

20th January 2020

Here we go again! Like every January for the past 20+ years, our group set off on the Scotia from Leith to collect flat fish, mud, and more recently microplastics. This year, we will remain along the coast whilst having a fair distance to travel (see map below). Alongside the usual sampling sites we also…

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Nephrops Activity on the West Coast

9th January 2020

MRV Alba na Mara Programme Survey: 0120A Duration: 6-22 January 2020 Gear:  Large TV drop frame TV sledge Static time lapse camera frame 1 x 600m umbilical towing cable 1 x armoured cable Video cameras and associated equipment (plus backup) Stand-alone time lapse stills camera, recorder and power supply (for static camera frame) Four lasers and…

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Clean Seas Environmental Monitoring Programme

8th January 2020

MRV Scotia Programme Survey: 0120S Duration: 6-21 January 2020 Fishing gear: BT 137 with Ground gear E; Sediment Sampling: Day grab Litter sampling: Catamaran and neuston trawl Water sampling: Aquatracka fluorometer, Seabird 25 and modified acoustic sledge Objectives: To undertake water, sediment and biological sampling for the Clean Seas Environmental Monitoring Programme (CSEMP). Monitor and record…

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