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UK, Norway and Faroe Islands mackerel agreements

20th June 2024

The UK has, this week, signed agreements with Norway and Faroe setting out arrangements on mackerel for 2024 onwards.

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Scottish crab and lobster management improvements from May

3rd May 2024

From 12th May 2024, selected interim inshore fisheries measures will be implemented in Scotland

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Marine Fund Scotland: North East marine projects net £5m

15th April 2024

More than a third (33) of the 91 projects awarded funding in 2023-24 were businesses in the North East of Scotland, totalling £4.8m in grants. On an individual basis, these ranged from around £6k to £1.16m.

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Faroe fisheries agreement delivers for Scotland’s fishing industry

14th March 2024

Bilateral fisheries negotiations with the Faroe Islands, one of Scotland’s closest fishing neighbours, have now concluded for 2024. These agreements set out exchanges of fishing opportunities of quotas and access. The UK/Faroe agreement sets out quota exchanges which will allow UK vessels to fish key species in Faroese waters. This includes quotas for cod, haddock,…

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Sixth annual ScotMER symposium draws record attendees

8th March 2024

The ScotMER programme recently held its sixth annual symposium attracting over 1,000 registered attendees from 30 different countries.  The symposium took place online over three days and showcased the breadth of active research currently being undertaken by the programme. Attendees heard updates from each of the seven ScotMER receptor groups (described below), as well as…

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Seasonal closure to protect spawning cod in long-term interests of fishers and marine environment

9th February 2024

An area of the Firth of Clyde will again be closed to most types of fishing activity in spring 2024 and 2025 to protect spawning cod.

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Protecting Wild Salmon

2nd February 2024

Net Zero Secretary Màiri McAllan visited Kelso for the opening of the 2024 salmon fishing season on the Tweed and to launch the Sustainable Rivers Audit.

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Sandeel fishing to be banned in Scottish waters

31st January 2024

Fishing for sandeel is to be banned in Scottish waters ahead of the 2024 fishery season, subject to Parliamentary approval.

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Bilateral Norway agreement brings additional fishing opportunities

22nd January 2024

Consultations with Norway on exchanges of fishing opportunities with the UK in 2024, including quotas and access, concluded with the signing of an Agreed Record on 14 December. Fishing activity has now commenced in both UK and Norwegian waters under the terms of this agreement.

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Shaping Scotland’s marine future

11th January 2024

The Scottish Government has published its new Marine Science and Innovation Strategy highlighting the crucial role of science and innovation in realising the full potential of the marine environment.

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