• Get ready, get set….Explorathon!

    26th September 2016 by

    Explorathon 2016 feature image

    For the first time, Marine Scotland will be taking part in Explorathon; an extravaganza of discovery, debate and entertainment to celebrate European Researchers’ Night. This Friday events will take place during the day and night, in around 300 cities across Europe, and we can’t wait to get involved. During the day we will be in...

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  • Ocean modelling/marine ecology PhD studentship

    26th July 2016 by

    PhD Studentship: Modelling climate change impacts on seabirds via ocean and forage fish dynamics Britain’s seabirds have declined over the last three decades, and the species that have declined most are those dependent on small, nutrient-rich forage fish like sandeels. These fish occupy a critical point in marine food webs, vulnerable to both “top down”...

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  • Biggest ever assessment of Atlantic deep-sea ecosystems gets underway

    20th June 2016 by

    Marine Scotland scientists have been involved a number of collaborative deep sea projects over the years but we’re delighted to be involved in the new ATLAS Project – a research and innovation action funded under the EU’s new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020. The launch of ATLAS marks the beginning of an exciting series of expeditions involving...

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  • It’s time to Celebrate the Sea

    17th June 2016 by

    Today is World Ocean’s Day! A day recognized by the United Nations as a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. This year, individuals and organizations across the planet are celebrating under the theme “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet” and are promoting prevention of plastic ocean pollution with an array of events and...

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  • Model Success for Oceanographers

    18th March 2016 by

    The Scottish Government has funded a new hydrodynamic model, called the Scottish Shelf Model (SSM), developed under the direction of Marine Scotland scientists, to describe the physical marine environment around our firths and sea lochs at the coast, up to the edge of the continental shelf and into the North Sea. Hydrodynamic models are computer...

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  • Our Inspirational Women in Science

    10th March 2016 by

    To further inspire and promote the role of women in STEM roles, two of Marine Scotland Science’s highly experienced oceanographers will be taking part in Scottish science events this and next month. Resident Oceanographer and ScienceGrrl Dr Sarah Hughes will be participating in British Science Week, the UK’s annual celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths,...

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  • Citizen Science Project – Can you help?

    8th January 2016 by

    In the last few years, Sarah Hughes an oceanographer at Marine Scotland has discovered a large dataset of coastal temperature data that sits in the archives of the UK Meteorological Office but has not been entered into ocean databases. These are daily/twice daily observations of coastal temperature taken at numerous coastal sites around Scotland, usually...

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  • MRV Scotia: Survey 1315S Programme

    17th September 2015 by

    Gear: Sea-Bird CTDs, ADCPs and current meter instrumentation, water filtering equipment (x2), centrifuge equipment (HWU), bacteria sampling equipment (HWU), sediment sampling equipment (UoA), mooring equipment, recovery trawl, drifters, sediment grabs (Van Veen / Day) and sediment corers (MSS / UoA). Objectives: Test the CTD in the Buchan Deep off Peterhead. Collect water samples for salinity...

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  • Marine Scotland Staff Clean Up: 3 September 2015

    8th September 2015 by

    Our marine litter clean-ups have been continuing well since our last update. Grand totals, as at 3rd September 2015 – Bottles and cans recycled total = 3,472; Full bin-bags of waste total = 175, and Person effort, in minutes, collecting = 14,375 (240 hrs) Most interesting item found on the 3rd of September at the...

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  • Tracking the ocean

    11th August 2015 by

    Seven ocean drifters have been released off the West of Shetland as part of the latest Marine Scotland Science research to track ocean currents. Understanding ocean currents is essential in planning for any emergency situation in our seas, while the data can also help scientists measure environmental trends such as climate change. The drifters, which...

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