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COP27 blog series: Scotland keen to take actions to protect marine environment

18th November 2022

Results from a survey on ocean literacy commissioned as part of Understanding Ocean Literacy and Ocean Climate-related Behaviour Change in the UK published.

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COP27 blog series: targeted tree planting provides a nature-based solution

16th November 2022

The Scottish Wild Salmon Strategy aims to reverse the decline of wild salmon by tackling pressures such as changing river temperatures. Trees can reduce river temperatures by reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the water surface, much like natural parasols. By increasing the amount of woodland next to rivers it is possible to reduce some of the effects of climate change on river temperature.

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COP27 blog series: celebrating Scottish seagrass science

10th November 2022

Project Seagrass examines the major ecological role that seagrasses play and how rethinking their conservation is critical to understanding their part in fighting the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.

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Responsible wildlife watching around seals

30th August 2022

Scotland is well known for our diverse flora and fauna, both on land and in the sea. Some of the most iconic species seen around our coasts are seals. Scotland is home to around a third of the world population of grey seals and around 5% of the world population of harbour seals.

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Joint monitoring of Scottish Marine Protected Areas

19th August 2022

Our science colleagues joined with JNCC recently to conduct a monitoring trip of the West Shetland Shelf Marine Protected Area.

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International blue carbon partnerships awarded £10K

30th June 2022

Blue carbon experts have been successful in their bids for funding following the launch of the Blue Carbon International Policy Challenge (BCIPC)

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What are Invasive Species?

20th May 2022

Invasive non-native species (INNS) are plants and animals that have been introduced by humans, either deliberately or accidentally, from an area outside of their native range.

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Progressing Scotland’s Leadership on Blue Carbon

21st April 2022

The Scottish Government has launched the Blue Carbon International Policy Challenge (BCIPC) today with awards of £10,000 available for up to 5 projects.

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Studying the critically endangered blue skate

16th March 2022

Our understanding of the distribution, behaviour and biology of the critically endangered blue skate has been greatly increased by recently published research.

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Sharing women’s achievement in our marine directorate

8th March 2022

To mark International Women’s Day (8 March 2022), we are sharing some of the achievements of women working in various roles across the Marine Scotland directorate of the Scottish Government.

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