National Performance Framework

  • Scottish Funding Council launches report on Scotland’s research contribution to National Outcomes

    12th April 2022 by

    The Scottish Funding Council (SFC) report ‘Scotland’s Research Contribution to National and International Challenges’ highlights the significant contribution that Scottish research has made over the last decade to addressing the societal, economic and environmental challenges highlighted by the National Performance Framework (NPF) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

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  • Five things you’ve told us about the National Performance Framework

    8th March 2022 by

    The top takeaways from our National Performance Framework 2021 user survey. What you told us about how you use the NPF. And how we can improve it.

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  • Improving how we predict and measure our impact

    21st December 2021 by

    Along with Social Investment Scotland and CivTech we're seeking a streamlined, user friendly way to predict impact when planning future projects. And then track developing outputs and outcomes to demonstrate their full impact.

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  • Wellbeing: Wha’s like us?

    26th October 2021 by

    We review our National Outcomes regularly to make sure they reflect what matters most to people in Scotland. Just now, as we plan the next review, we’re looking at what’s happening elsewhere in the world. Helping us see what is uniquely ‘Scottish’. And to consider what we might learn from others.

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  • Improving the National Performance Framework

    30th September 2021 by

    When the Scottish Government introduced the first National Performance Framework (NPF) in 2007, it had a significant impact. It helped to give the public sector, and individuals and organisations across the third and private sectors, a very clear vision of the kind of country we wanted to create. Continuous improvement As we have sought to...

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  • How to solve a problem like policy for outcomes. Or ‘Outcomes-focused policy making in Scotland: A guide’

    9th February 2021 by

    Almost exactly a year ago, on 13 February 2020, we sat down in St Andrews House with some lovely folks from Bridge 47, the IDEAS network, SDG Network Scotland, Scotland’s International Development Alliance and Oxfam Scotland. The lovely folks had a proposal. Did we want to work with them to develop guidance to help policy...

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  • What impact has COVID-19 had on Scotland’s wellbeing?

    19th January 2021 by

    map of scotland graphic

    In December, along with the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA), we published a report about the impact the pandemic is having on Scotland. Scotland’s Wellbeing: The impact of COVID-19 brings together evidence on how the pandemic has affected Scotland’s progress towards our National Outcomes. It also tells us how individuals have experienced the pandemic....

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  • The impact of social housing

    27th October 2020 by

    Scottish Federation of Housing Association's Social Value Toolkit

    The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA), has created a Social Value Toolkit. The toolkit will help housing associations and co-operatives measure and increase the social value they create in their communities. The toolkit was developed by Michael McLaughlin, Social Insight Lead, as part of SFHA’s Innovation and Future Thinking Programme. Here, Michael explains the...

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  • More than pounds and pence: A national framework for valuing Scotland’s land

    22nd July 2020 by

    The Scottish Land Commission recently published guidance which places wellbeing at the heart of developing vacant or derelict land. In this post, Kathie Pollard, Policy Officer at the Commission, explains the thinking behind the guidance. “Getting the measure right is crucially important. If we measure the wrong thing, we will do the wrong thing. If...

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  • My experience of having a ‘Youth Voice in a Sustainable Democracy’

    10th February 2020 by

    Youth Voices in a Sustainable Democracy group sessions

    This post has been written for us by Morven Sneddon, a sustainability consultant working in the engineering industry. Morven has recently taken part in a Project Scotland and IDEAS project funded by Erasmus+ aimed at bringing the voices of young people to the heart of government. In a couple of weeks, Project Scotland will host...

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