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National Planning Framework 4 Call for Ideas: Evidence now published

July 7, 2020 by 1 Comment | Category Architecture, Planning

We have now published the evidence gathered as part of our National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) Call for Ideas.

Our Call for Ideas launched on 9 January and ran to the end of April 2020.   Whilst we were disappointed that our Scotplan Roadshow was cut short, we are extremely pleased with the level of information gathered through this early engagement process which covers a wide breadth of issues and provides a rich evidence base for the development of NPF4.

We received nearly 350 written responses, 180 people joined us in workshop sessions and a further 100 people came to speak to us at drop in sessions and at the Gathering in Glasgow.   The Royal Town Planning Institute Scotland also hosted chapter events for us engaging with over 100 delegates.   Thanks to all for participating.

We will publish a formal analysis of the written responses later in the summer.

We will continue to digest the evidence base over the summer as we draft a position statement for publication in the autumn.

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  • Dorothy Pritchard says:

    I feel the main focus of planning for the Highlands should be to make every effort to provide employment opportunities for our young people. We desperately need to repopulate the Highlands. While tourism is one aspect of this we need to focus more on other types of job opportunities and encourage other industries, like the space industry, to come to the North.
    For years now there has been a Highland” brain drain” and it just isn’t sustainable. What we are left with are vulnerable ageing communities.
    Conservation groups and landlords proposing large scale rewinding are also adding to the problem by opposing developments which can bring much needed employment to remote areas. These people and groups have far too much say and should be subject to much more control from the Goverment to stop their negative actions. We need a more blended economy with high value, well paid jobs if we are to retain our young people. This is the Government’s chance to plan for that.