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Digital Planning: PlaceBuilder

October 14, 2021 by No Comments | Category Planning

An overview

Subscriptions available – The Digital Planning team have been working with a company called The Future Fox on the development of a community focused digital engagement tool called PlaceBuilder. PlaceBuilder seeks to present viable options available to communities in helping shape their community with actionable solutions.

PlaceBuilder is a cloud engagement platform that enables community participation in urban planning. It’s a user-friendly, flexible, digital tool that builds trust in stakeholder consultation through positive, early-stage citizen participation. PlaceBuilder broadens engagement demographics and generates deep insight into community preferences with data-driven actionable solutions.

It covers a wide variety of use cases including local planning policy, development planning, urban realm improvements and trials and single-site planning developments. Based on industry and user research, the product overcomes key barriers to participation for higher overall engagement rates.

Subscription parameters

Scottish Government’s Digital Planning team are keen to understand more about what works and what doesn’t in the space of community engagement and to that end we have 32 community subscriptions for PlaceBuilder available to local authorities free of charge between now and December 2023, arising from our investment in the pre-commercial stage of development of this product to its developer The Future Fox (TFF). These community subscriptions, available to coincide with the introduction of the Local Place Planning Parliamentary debate, are for:

  • unlimited projects
  • geo-fenced area of up to 10k population
  • 12 month duration
  • all PlaceBuilder modules (area planning, low traffic, poll, design proposal feedback)
  • relevant SG data sets visualised (optional)
  • include administrator support (eg how to video, documentation, case study) designed to encourage uptake and support administrators over the three years. TFF will also maintain regular demo sessions, with project results and insight; plus regular e-newsletter and website posts with project results and insight

We have 8 subscriptions available in this calendar year, with 12 available in both 2022 and 2023. Importantly, for the 8 subscriptions available in 2021, activation is necessary before December 31st for use throughout 2022.

For further information and to request an application form, please contact:

More information on PlaceBuilder can be found here: (

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