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Scotland’s Climate Week

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Earlier this year, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon declared a climate emergency. We all have a part to play in contributing to a Greener Scotland. Procurement might not be the first thing that comes to mind to save the planet, but whether or how much you buy, what you buy and how you buy it can have a significant impact.

Sustainable procurement

Scottish Procurement legislation requires the public sector to consider how they will deliver sustainable and inclusive outcomes through procurement.

Reducing consumption is the number one impact we can make. Less consumption means less waste, packaging and emissions in production, logistics and distribution. For example fewer vehicles purchased and on the road would lead to fewer emissions.

What we buy will have more impact than how we buy. We have award winning ICT frameworks that allow the public sector to buy the most energy efficient products but also provide opportunities to reduce the impact on the environment through re-use and recycling. But the first question we should ask is ‘do we need to buy anything at all’

We can help you buy more sustainably!


• Follow the Procurement Journey to make greener buying decisions
• Buy products and services from our contracts directory, where suppliers win contracts for providing innovative, environmentally friendly solutions
• Use our sustainable procurement tools to optimise the economic, social and environmental outcomes of your procurement activity

Further information

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