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Plan for the Future: Meet the Workstreams

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What is the Plan for the Future?

The Plan for the Future programme was created by the Public Procurement Group, along with key stakeholder groups. The ‘Plan for the Future’ is made up of some cross sectorial workstreams, which are being delivered by working groups that have representatives from across the sectors to provide a breath of ideas, suggestions and representation. There are also Scottish Government led projects which will engage with Scottish Government and public, private and third sector stakeholders as required to drive change.

The initial blog on the Plan for the Future gives more of an outline of the programme and the workstreams that are underway.

I want to know more about the Cross Sectorial workstreams

 There are currently three live Cross Sectorial workstreams. These are:

  • eProcurement Strategy & Digital Roadmap
  • Public procurement strategy for Scotland
  • Communications and Engagement

To help show who is delivering these workstreams, and what they are aiming to achieve, a member of each workstream has shared an overview of their work. (Transcript at end of page)

I have a question on Plan for the Future

There have been questions asked about the Plan for the Future and the workstreams that make up the programme. The most common questions have been added to the Plan for the Future FAQ, to allow quick and easy access to them. Have a look and see if your question has already been answered.

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Multi speaker Transcript:

Hi, my name’s Julie Connelly and I work in the eProcurement Shared Service Best Practice Branch.

Our branch is involved in the future eProcurement Strategy workstream which will determine what our future vision for the service is and develop a clear plan of how to get there within the next 3 to 5 years.

My role is to provide oversight and act as Co-ordinator between the workstream leads and stakeholders which has resulted in a cross sector delivery group being established with representation from all sectors.

The aim of the group is to develop a strategy that will shape the future delivery of the eProcurement Shared Service across the Scottish Public Sector.

We’re in Phase One at the moment and currently undertaking extensive market consultation to understand what the future service could look like.

At this stage, we’re also seeking feedback from delivery group members on future service options ensuring we continue to focus on maximising the impact of delivering our priorities and ambitions

So by March 2023 the workstream hopes to have established an eProcurement Shared Service vision statement for Public Procurement in Scotland.

Developed a future eProcurement strategy and produced a 3 to 5 year roadmap.

I’m Sam Torrance, Senior Procurement Specialist with the Scottish Ambulance Service within the NHS Scotland health board.

I’m a member of the Strategy delivery workstream to deliver a vision and mission statement for procurement in Scotland accompanied by a Procurement Strategy for Scotland.

The strategy is being worked on by a cross section of procurement professionals across the public sector, including NHS, Central Government, Higher and Further education institutions and the procurement Centres of Expertise.

With more of a role than ever for procurement to support the delivery of vital public services it is essential that the procurement profession continues to work together collaboratively to achieve our common goals.

The Procurement Strategy for Scotland will clearly set out updated national priorities give clarity on what good looks like within specified target priorities and provide guidance on the measurement and benchmarking of the impact of procurement through annual strategies and reports.

I’m Maureen Robertson, the Marketing and Communications Manager for Scotland Excel – and that’s the centre of procurement expertise for local government.

I’m a member of the Communications and Engagement workstream.

The specific role of our workstream is to look at how we can take a cross sector, joined up approach to campaigns and information about procurement.

So not just information that procurement professionals need but also tell all the great stories that are of interest much more widely on what procurement has brought to a greener, wealthier and fairer Scotland.

Part of the workstream is to look at  providing a platform for a lot more engagement to take place between the public procurement professionals themselves but also with the national bodies like Scotland Excel

We really want to start conversations going.

We want people to be able to share their experiences and best practice.

We are already discussing some really good ideas for this particularly to increase the number of regular events that are taking place and that would be both online and in person

We were lucky enough to already have a communications forum in place which involved all of the different sectors as well as the Scottish Government.

So we’ve really incorporated that into our regular meetings for the forum.

So with that in mind I would expect you’ll start to see some positive outcomes by the end of this financial year.



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