Rural and Environment

  • In the news: Deposit Return Scheme

    2nd August 2019 by

    You may have seen in the Scotsman an opinion piece from the Scottish Beer and Pub Association regarding our proposal to include glass in our Deposit Return Scheme.

    A Scottish Government spokesperson said:

    “Last year’s public consultation signalled support for an ambitious deposit return scheme. We believe there is strong public support for including glass in that scheme and the wider benefits are clear, delivering increased recycling rates, reductions in carbon emissions and reductions in glass litter.

    “We are aware that some businesses have concerns about its inclusion. The Scottish Government is committed to working with them to implement the scheme in a way which addresses those concerns and helps to realise potential benefits – including cost savings for hospitality businesses who otherwise have to pay for empty glass bottles to be disposed of and for glass recyclers who will be able to access better quality material.”

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  • In the news: UK waste strategy

    18th December 2018 by

    You will no doubt have seen that many news outlets are running the a story this morning that the UK Government has published its Resources and Waste Strategy, which places more responsibility on manufacturers and producers to pay recycling and disposal costs.

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