Ivan McKee MSP

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Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise (Previously: Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation)

Bid to strengthen ties with the US and Canada

18th October 2022

Short blog from Trade Minister Ivan McKee on his trade visit to the US and Canada.

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New group to enhance tourism and Hospitality sector

22nd August 2022

Blog piece from Tourism Minister Ivan McKee on new Tourism and Hospitality Industry Leadership Group.

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Open letter to members of the construction and manufacturing sectors

28th July 2021

As you will be aware construction materials from plasterboard to timber, steel to insulation, are in short supply because of a combination of global factors in addition to EU Exit and COVID 19. This is having a significant impact as some businesses are unable to source the construction materials they need at a stable price….

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Supporting the manufacturing sector

7th July 2021

The construction industry touches every part of Scotland’s economy and, with its 143,000 jobs and turnover of around £19 billion per annum, is vital to our future prosperity. As a result of a global manufacturing slowdown some businesses are being affected and unable to source the construction materials they need. That is why we have…

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Response to latest trade statistics

7th July 2021

The latest HMRC Regional Trade Statistics further demonstrate the combined impact of COVID-19 and Brexit on Scotland’s trade. However, I am pleased to see that while exports from Scotland’s onshore economy are down 5% over the past year, this compares favourably with a reduction across the rest of the UK of 14%, demonstrating the work done…

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Green ports letter to UK Government

24th March 2021

Trade Minister Ivan McKee has written to Chief Secretary to the Treasury Steve Barclay outlining his disappointment that the joint bidding process for green ports will not be launched ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections. Full text of the letter: Dear Steve, Delivering green ports in Scotland I am disappointed to have received no response…

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Green ports update from Trade Minister

12th March 2021

Trade Minister Ivan McKee has written to Scottish business organisations to update them on work to establish green ports in Scotland. Full text of letter: Dear Colleagues, I wanted to write to you to provide an update on our work to establish green ports in Scotland, and to reassure you of this government’s intent to…

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Green ports – Scotland’s focus on Fair Work First and net zero

24th February 2021

Trade Minister Ivan McKee: The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed what we once knew as normal and has made us all think about how we want to live our lives in future. As we rebuild our economy, we have an opportunity to build a fairer, greener, more prosperous and inclusive Scotland that delivers for every…

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Ministerial Statement: The contribution of place-based economic development zones

21st January 2021

Trade Minister Ivan McKee: Presiding Officer, today, I have published findings from a survey conducted at the end of 2020 on “Scotland’s Economic Performance: The Contribution of Place-Based Economic Development Zones” and I welcome the opportunity to set out some of those findings and next steps to Parliament. The survey sought the views of businesses,…

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EU funds replacement plan is a “power grab”

20th January 2021

Statement by Trade, Innovation and Public Finance Minister Ivan McKee to the Finance and Constitution Committee on the UK Government’s proposed Shared Prosperity Fund. Thank you Convenor for inviting Professor David Bell and myself to the Committee today to update you on the replacement of EU Structural Funds in Scotland, the recently published Scotland’s Position…

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