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Using feedback to improve content for victims and witnesses

5th November 2015

This is a post by Angela Morrison, one of our content designers. Feedback is an essential part of our content lifecycle on, especially when our users – such as victims of crime – are experiencing complex and often stressful life events and need the right help and support at the right time. To help…

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How we approach continuous delivery

4th November 2015

This is a post by Gordon Clark, one of our Infrastructure Engineers, and Jono Ellis, our Social Media Manager. Over the next few weeks, we have a series of blog posts coming up which cover our approach to continuous delivery. This first post is a high-level overview of our work, mostly written for our readers…

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Design style guide

26th October 2015

This is a post by Chay Nicholson, our Creative Lead. The first pass of our Design style guide has just been published to the resources site. The Design style guide aims to provide guidance to developers and designers in producing digital services for or aligned with The guide covers design thinking and approach,…

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What we’re doing about content debt

22nd October 2015

This is a post by Kate Ho, our Head of Product. Understanding content debt In software development, there’s a term technical debt: it’s a metaphor used to describe the amount of work required to tidy up a system in order to keep the code clean. Cleaner code means it’s easier to make changes and updates….

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Sharing the importance of improving public services (in Vietnamese!)

19th October 2015

This is a post by Neil Campbell, our Information Security Officer When the team arrives in the office every morning, I’d like to think they have three things on their mind: breakfast (who doesn’t?), the morning update and what they are going to achieve that day. However, a morning in late September also introduced an additional…

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We’re celebrating women in tech with Ada Lovelace Day

13th October 2015

This is a post by Kate Ho, our Product Owner We’re not going to be talking about our progress or about new features as normal today. That’s because it’s the 13th October – an important day in the calendar for us to celebrate women in technology. It is Ada Lovelace Day. It’s simple. Today is an opportunity to share stories about…

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Making improvements: evolving our content based on your feedback

8th October 2015

This is a post by Jono Ellis, our Social Media Manager As part of our commitment to meeting the needs of our users we have three different ways for users to give us feedback – a feedback area at the bottom of all of our article and guide pages, an email inbox and our Twitter…

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Designing content for

6th October 2015

This is a post by Rachel Dowle, our Head of Content In 2012, the Scottish Government set out its intention to deliver a “single – but not exclusive – point of entry to all digital public services at national and local level”. So, what does that mean for how we design content on We…

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Second 100 day drive – what did we achieve?

23rd September 2015

We’ve been quietly chipping things off our to-do list and today marks the end of our second 100 Day Drive. It’s a time where we reflect on what we have achieved over the period. When the 100 Day Drive kicked off we set ourselves some ambitious goals. We are proud to say that we have met quite a…

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Digital Justice: Modernising the Criminal Justice System conference

22nd September 2015

This is a post by Kate Saunderson, one of our user researchers. Are we on-route to digital transformation within our Justice system in Scotland? Some of the team recently had the opportunity to explore this topic at the Digital Justice: Modernising the Criminal Justice System conference. My key takeaways: users first (not technology), a digital strategy…

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