• Gold award for Connecting Scotland at the iESE Public Sector Transformation Awards

    13th March 2023 by

    Connecting Scotland won Gold in the ‘Working Together’ category at the iESE Public Sector Transformation Awards in London on Wednesday 8 March 2023.

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  • What does it mean to have a digital mindset?

    3rd November 2022 by

    The Scottish Government estimates that 19% of Scottish people do not know how to use digital technology. Lack of access to digital devices, infrastructure, connectivity and support can have a negative impact on someone’s life chances.

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  • Salutogenese!

    14th October 2022 by

    No it isn’t cheese. More’s the pity. Or a welcome in any language (*as far as I am aware). It originated in the health space and relates to looking at factors that support wellbeing rather than at those which are creating the problem. Using a salutogenic approach means examining a whole range of factors - including environmental, social, emotional and intellectual – to promote good health rather than just tackling illness. In societal terms, and in Scottish Government terms, this means looking at a person centred approach. It means dealing not just with the perceived problem or the issues the…

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  • Introducing the Digital Citizen Unit

    18th August 2022 by

    My name is Eilidh Mclaughlin and I’m here to talk to you about the Digital Citizen Unit in Scottish Government. Wait, stop! I can tell you’re bored already. But behind that somewhat unassuming name, we’re building something really important and exciting for Scotland.

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  • Connecting Scotland – Phase 3 launch

    9th June 2021 by

    Connecting Scotland has launched a new phase to support those seeking employment or to develop skills for employment opportunities. The new £26 million phase aims to get 23,000 households online. The Connecting Scotland programme provides a device, data, training and support to digitally excluded and low income households. Since May 2020 the Connecting Scotland programme...

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  • Connecting Scotland – Over £48 million to get 60,000 citizens online

    24th March 2021 by

    Blog by Katie Lyne, Communication manager, Digital Participation Team. 2020 was a year that no one could predict. Governments around the world rallied to support and protect their citizens and Scotland was no exception. When it launched in May 2020 Connecting Scotland aimed to tackle digital exclusion and enable citizens to access the services they...

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