• Priorities for 2021 to help the Digital Directorate make government services better

    24th March 2021 by

    Blog by Serena Nusing and Sam Ernstzen, User Centred Design team, Digital Transformation Division. The job of a service designer in Digital is to advocate for the Scottish Approach to Service Design and to support the development of user-centred, accessible and effective services. In this blog Serena Nusing, senior service designer, and Sam Ernstzen, service...

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  • What happened during Services Week 2021

    12th March 2021 by

    Serena Nüsing, service designer in Digital Directorate, shares what happened during Services Week 2021 at Scottish Government and what people thought about it. Last week was Services Week and Scottish Government got involved. Services Week is an annual self-organised week of events to discuss good, accessible, equitable, and sustainable public services. From Monday to Friday...

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  • Get involved with Services Week 2021

    19th February 2021 by

    Sam Ernstzen and Serena Nusing, service designers in the Digital Directorate, are bringing Services Week to Scottish Government. Services Week is happening from 1st to 5th March and is open for everyone to participate and attend for free. Services Week is a series of cross-government events initiated by Government Digital Services (GDS) that look at...

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  • Update to Digital First Service Standard

    15th February 2021 by

    Find out what’s changed and what it means for teams delivering public services.   We’ve updated the Digital First Service Standard. The updated standard is now called the Digital Scotland Service Standard, with a new, risk-based approach to assessment being developed by the Digital Assurance Office to be confirmed in April. The Digital First Service...

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